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Democratic Stalwart Mary Ellen Wisham has died

Mary Ellen Wisham

Mary Ellen Wisham

Mary Ellen Wisham, a retired principal, long-time secretary and stalwart of the Louisiana Democratic Party and Baton Rouge resident has died.

She died on Saturday, June 2. She was 86 years old. She is the aunt of LDP technology director Edward Wisham, Jr. She is survived by her brother, Edward A. Wisham, Sr.

In addition to her years of service with the party and in education, Ms. Wisham was a delegate to the 1973 Louisiana Constitutional Convention. She also served as undersecretary of management and finance for the Louisiana Department of Labor.

Funeral services were held on Saturday, June 9, 2012, at Mt. Zion First Baptist Church. She was buried in St. Paul No. 1 Baptist Church Cemetery.

Former Louisiana Senator John Breaux, when informed of her death, said of Ms. Wisham, “She was a wonderful person who shows that politics still has nice people that make a huge difference in our world.”

Former LDP Chairman Christopher Whittington said, “I have very fond memories of Mrs. Wisham dating back well over 25 years. She truly was one of the kindest persons that I have ever known and a deep devotion for the ideals embedded in the Democratic Party.

“As a very young man, she brought Edward around the office and he has been with us ever since,” Whittington added. “Mrs. Wisham was a giant in our party and her legacy is on that I will never forget.”

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Originally published: June 10, 2012