Electing a Democratic candidate to the state’s highest office stands to make an immediate impact on the lives of Louisiana families. John Bel Edwards, our governor-elect, has already begun moving to expand access to quality healthcare — and will prioritize making equal pay for equal work a reality for our daughters, mothers and sisters. The new governor will likewise be a champion for raising the minimum wage, pushing back on decades of failed policy that have kept working people living in poverty. By standing up for Democratic values — for Louisiana family values — Edwards will fulfill his promise to put Louisiana first.

At the polls his year, Louisiana voters spoke with one voice and chose a leader whose commitment to service will make a real difference in the lives of families all across the state. By electing a Democrat committed to expanding access to quality healthcare and fighting for pay equity, Louisiana voters said “yes” to common-sense ideas.

“Elections matter, and this election was a huge win for the people of this state and for the Democratic values John Bel Edwards represents,” said Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, chairwoman of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “Voters chose a leader who will put Louisiana first by working to expand access to quality healthcare and fighting for pay equity. Those are immediate, substantive changes for the better of our state. We’re proud of Governor-elect Edwards’ victory and proud of what it means for Louisiana.”