An Open Letter to Senator David Vitter

//An Open Letter to Senator David Vitter

November 12, 2015

Senator Vitter:

Over the past month, Louisianians have watched local and federal law enforcement, including the FBI and the U.S. Attorney for Louisiana, being drawn into with our gubernatorial run-off election as a result of potentially illegal activities linked to your operatives.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand said he is meeting with the FBI to discuss information and potential evidence in a criminal investigation into elements of your campaign operation. In his press conference on Tuesday, Sheriff Normand detailed the involvement of operatives in your employ in a number of questionable activities, including:

  • illegal video and audio taping, without their knowledge and consent, of people you deemed a threat, including businessmen, journalists, law enforcement and private citizens;
  • strong-arming witnesses and manufacturing affidavits;
  • and intimidation and harassment.

Given the revelations unearthed by the JPSO report, you have an obligation to the voters to come clean and clear the air. Louisiana families deserve an honest accounting from you ahead of the run-off next week.

We call upon you as a lawmaker and a candidate to promptly and completely address these questions:

  • Did anyone in your employ speak with the FBI, or will they be talking to the FBI, regarding the allegations raised by the JPSO?
  • Are you cooperating with ongoing criminal investigations?
  • Did you or anyone in your employ break any Louisiana or federal laws during this campaign?

Senator Vitter, if you can answer these questions for us, we can all put this business behind us. But until you answer them, Senator – we will keep asking. Because Louisiana deserves the truth from you.


Stephen Handwerk
Executive Director, Louisiana Democratic Party

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