Calcasieu DPEC Celebrates Campaign Volunteers With Dinner

//Calcasieu DPEC Celebrates Campaign Volunteers With Dinner

The Calcasieu Democratic Parish Executive Committee celebrated the end of the 2012 campaign season with a ‘thank you’ dinner for volunteers at the local party headquarters.

The November 26 event drew about 75 people, all of whom worked on phone banking and canvassing for the campaigns of President Barack Obama and Third District Congressional Democratic candidate Ron Richard.

Calcasieu DPEC Chairwoman Diana Hamilton led the event and told attendees that they were the unsung heroes of the 2012 Presidential campaign. She talked about the many hours of phone banking done through the Calcasieu DPEC headquarters which was still decorated with campaign paraphernalia and signs from the recently concluded campaign.

Chef Merrick Thomas donated the food for the event.

Plans were discussed for buses to carry local Obama supporters to Washington, D.C., for the President’s inauguration in January.

Ms. Hamilton also discussed plans to keep the Calcasieu DPEC headquarters open throughout 2013, when local elections will be the focus of political attention in the southwestern part of the state.

The Calcasieu DPEC operates the only DPEC storefront campaign office in Louisiana. It is funded through DPEC support and the donations and contributions of volunteers like those who were honored at the November 26th event.

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Originally published: Dec 5, 2012

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