BATON ROUGE — Bill Cassidy has been a candidate for U.S. Senate for one day, so perhaps it’s time for the congressman to brush up on Senate rules because he’s already violating a prohibition against the use of coverage of Senate proceedings for political campaign purposes to solicit donations.

“It’s no surprise when a politician like Bill Cassidy that takes his cues from David Vitter would have ethical lapses,” said Louisiana Democratic Party Executive Director Stephen Handwerk. “It’s just surprising that he’s been an official Senate candidate for 24 hours, and he’s already violating the Senate’s rules. Ultimately, Cassidy is just a partisan puppet who will do and say whatever his Republican leaders tell him to do, no matter what the rules are.”

Since last November, Cassidy has featured a YouTube clip that uses C-SPAN 2 footage from the floor of the U.S. Senate and concludes with an appeal for donations.


As recently as this week, operatives from the National Republican Senatorial Committee and Republican National Committee, apparently clueless about Cassidy’s ethical transgression, were sharing the video on social media.

Cassidy can’t exactly plead ignorance of Senate rules because the body where he has served for the past six years — the U.S. House — has nearly the exact same rule banning the use of broadcast coverage and recordings of floor proceedings for any political purpose.