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Louisiana Before Party Loyalty

FOSTER CAMPBELL: Helping Louisiana is More Important than Loyalty to Party This week, Congress voted to keep the government running through the end of next year.  The legislation included $28 billion in emergency relief for Louisiana and other states hit hard by natural disasters. In the past year alone, [...]

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Kamikaze Mitch

Kamikaze Mitch Mitch McConnell isn't the majority leader anymore, but he continues to play dangerous political games with your livelihood and your savings—and disaster relief for Louisiana! Congress has raised the debt ceiling dozens of times over the years. It's routine. Congress has to raise the debt ceiling, or the government cannot pay [...]

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Pres. Biden Delivers Bipartisanship & Infrastructure

Pres. Biden Delivers Bipartisanship and Infrastructure Sen. Bill Cassidy put Louisiana’s needs first; Kennedy chose politics over the people he serves. President Joe Biden moved a historic $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill through the United States Senate today, a feat his twice-impeached predecessor often spoke about but never accomplished. [...]

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