Louisiana Leaving the Union…One of the Worst Ideas of the Century! By: Anonymous

Dear Louisiana: You cannot remove yourself from a union that pays to feed, educate, shelter, and clothe a large portion of your population, subsidizes the vast majority of your economy, provides border-free tourism to support your largest university's athletics department and your largest cities, and routinely makes massive payments to [...]

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Red + Blue = PURPLE By: Evanette Richards

Evanette Richards Caddo, East Baton Rouge, East Carroll, Iberville, Madison, Orleans, St. Helena, St. James, St. John The Baptist and Tensas --- Louisiana parishes Obama carried in the recent presidential election. Red State? For now, maybe. But there is obviously a chink in the armor. The Republicans have [...]

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Sex, Drugs, Prison, Education, Jindal…Ingredients to a Dying Louisiana! By Terry Young

Terry Young We live in a Red State. That’s no secret. So many Louisiana residents take pride in our state’s conservative values.   Traditional notions of family, “small” government, emphasizing the importance of being business friendly, being tough on crime—violent and victimless alike—the unrestricted freedom to bear arms and [...]

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