Holloway Backed Utilities’ Proposal to Raise Rates on Louisiana Families, Businesses

BATON ROUGE — During his 2009 campaign, Public Service Commissioner and 5th Congressional District candidate Clyde Holloway claimed he would stand up for Louisiana families and oppose policies to help the big utility companies he regulates, but his record on the PSC has been solidly anti-consumer.

“Clyde Holloway has carried more water for the big utility companies than any other Public Service Commissioner,” said Louisiana Democratic Party Executive Director Stephen Handwerk. “Instead of standing up for Louisiana consumers, he has advocated for regulations that would take money out of the pockets of Louisiana homeowners and businesses and put those dollars directly in the pockets of the utilities.”

When running for the Public Service Commission in 2009, Holloway claimed he would not approve higher rates for Louisiana families, with an ad that told voters, “With this economy, our families need a break, not higher rates.”

In June when the Public Service Commission was debating changes to net-metering regulations, Holloway offered a proposal, sought by the utility companies, to charge consumers one rate for electricity, but pay Louisiana families and businesses that generate solar power a lower rate. The commission voted 3-2 against Holloway’s plan.

“Holloway’s proposal would have been a sweetheart deal for the utilities,” said Handwerk. “It would have resulted in higher electricity rates for residents and businesses. Fortunately, the majority of the commission opposed Holloway’s plan, and Louisiana families will continue to reap the full benefits of investing in solar technology.”