Congressman Higgins Ditches Lake Charles to Hobnob with Wealthy Elites at Fancy Florida Resort

The American Press reported Tuesday, March 30, 2021, that Lake Charles residents and small businesses were still struggling to recover from last year’s hurricanes. They also noted that residents complained at a public forum that Congressman Clay Higgins was “doing little to aid with recovery from Hurricanes Laura and Delta.”

Lake Charles City Councilman Craig Marks said Higgins is “our connection to Washington. He should be here on our behalf. He hasn’t been here.”

According to Higgins’ Facebook page, he spent Wednesday hobnobbing with wealthy elites at a fancy Florida resort, nearly 1,000 miles east of Lake Charles. Higgins posted a cryptic message with photos of himself, the twice impeached former President, and Dan Bongino at Mar-a-Lago. Higgins insinuated he learned secret information he was “not at liberty to discuss,” which read like another conspiratorial grift designed to further divide America.

“Lake Charles families and small businesses are struggling to rebuild after the strongest hurricane in Louisiana history,” said Katie Bernhardt, Chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “They shouldn’t have to struggle to get Congressman Clay Higgins to do his job as well. Unfortunately, Higgins chose glad-handing with disgraced former politicians and media types at a Florida country club instead of attending the public forum in his district. The people of Lake Charles deserve better, much better.”