Senator David Vitter, a career politician whose primary interest has been serving himself and not Louisianians, ranted and raved through a press conference today. Vitter desperately tried to denounce Governor Bobby Jindal, even though he’s endorsed Jindal three times for Governor, said he “shares his values” and gave his administration a “passing grade.”

Vitter’s bitter press conference is yet another part of his “desperate last stand” to save his campaign, which has been dogged by Vitter’s mistakes, ranging from questions about Vitter’s prostitute scandals to potential illegal spying by the Vitter campaign.

“David Vitter’s a desperate man, and today was another chapter in a long list of his lies to Louisiana,” said Stephen Handwerk, Executive Director of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “David Vitter’s running for a third term of Bobby Jindal’s policies, no matter how hard he pretends otherwise. There’s simply too much history between them.”