FACT CHECK: Pro-Vitter SuperPAC Lies About John Bel Edwards’ Oil & Gas Record

//FACT CHECK: Pro-Vitter SuperPAC Lies About John Bel Edwards’ Oil & Gas Record

FACT CHECK: Pro-Vitter SuperPAC Lies About John Bel Edwards’ Oil & Gas Record

Summary: David Vitter’s SuperPAC is lying about John Bel Edwards’ support for the Keystone XL pipeline. Less than 24 hours after John Bel said on statewide television that he supports the Keystone XL pipeline, a pro-Vitter SuperPAC is lying to Louisianians.

Louisiana TV stations should immediately take down this ad, which is further proof that David Vitter is running a desperate, lie-filled campaign. Vitter continues to be unrestrained by the truth.



VO: “Obama’s killing of the Keystone Pipeline will cost Louisiana thousands more good paying jobs.”




John Bel At The Debate: “I Stood Up And Opposed The Decision Not To Go Forward With The Keystone Pipeline Because That Is The Wrong Decision For Our Country And Our State.” 28:35: And in fact, I have stood up against the president with respect to the moratorium. I voted for a resolution calling on him to direct the secretary of interior to take that moratorium down. Just the other day, I stood up and opposed the decision not to go forward with the Keystone pipeline because that is the wrong decision for our country and our state. It would create jobs, allow for energy Independence, soif you believe sitting here tonight that the president poses the biggest threat to our future in Louisiana, you need to stay in Washington and deal with that.” [Louisiana Gubernatorial Debate, 11/10/15]


John Bel “Lambasted” Obama’s Decision To Kill The Keystone Pipeline. “Louisiana’s elected leaders and others have blasted President Barack Obama’s decision to reject TransCanada’s application to build the Keystone XL pipeline… Both candidates in the race for governor — Republican U.S. Sen. David  and Democratic state Rep. John Bel Edwards — lambasted the decision.” [The Advocate, 11/6/15]


John Bel Edwards Called For The Keystone Pipeline To Be Part Of An All Of The Above Energy Strategy, Noting It Would Create Good-Paying Louisiana Jobs. “‘If we’re going to an all of the above energy strategy, constructing the Keystone XL Pipeline must be a part of that equation,’ Edwards said.  ‘After years of studies on the economic and environmental impact, it was clear to Louisianans and the country that this major infrastructure project would create good-paying jobs here at home.’” [The Advocate, 11/6/15]



VO: “Just like Obama’s oil moratorium in our Gulf.”




John Bel Co-Sponsored The Bill To Lift The Federal Government’s Drilling Moratorium In Louisiana In The Legislature. “According to the Louisiana House of Representatives Resolution No. 214, “By Representative Dove and Senator Chabert and Representatives […] Edwards […] A Concurrent Resolution to urge and request Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, to reconsider the directive that he issued which instituted six-month moratorium on oil and gas exploration in the Gulf of Mexico and to possible alter that directive to minimize the negative economic impact of such directive on the already damaged economies of the state of Louisiana and the other oil and gas producing states along the Gulf of Mexico.” [HCR No. 214, Louisiana House of Representatives, signed 6/9/10]


John Bel’s Bill Blasted The Moratorium’s “Direct And Devastating Effect” On Oil And Gas Companies While Highlighting The Importance Of The Industry To Louisiana And The Country. “WHEREAS, deepwater exploration and production of oil and gas in the Gulf of 5 Mexico is a multi-billion dollar per year industry supporting associated businesses in 6 Louisiana and all over the United States, an industry that is growing into the deepwater of 7 the Gulf of Mexico to pursue the domestic oil and gas reserves needed by our country to 8 avoid a dangerous dependence on foreign oil and gas production; and 9 WHEREAS, although the bulk of the oil and gas industry was not at fault nor 10 involved with the Deepwater Horizon tragedy, the moratorium will have a direct and 11 devastating effect on those oil and gas companies, exploration companies, and their 12 contractors, who have been involved in the drilling and safe operation of thousands of wells;” [HCR No. 214, Louisiana House of Representatives, signed 6/9/10]


John Bel: “I Am Absolutely Committed To Preserving A Very Strong Oil And Gas Industry In Louisiana.” “I am absolutely committed to preserving a very strong oil and gas industry in Louisiana,’ Edwards said. He added, ‘I’m the type of Democrat who won routinely in Louisiana’ in the past.” [Environment and Energy Daily, 9/11/05



VO: “President Obama is on Louisiana’s ballot but his name is John Bel Edwards. As a liberal, Edwards is a strong Obama supporter.”






John Bel Edwards Was The Only State House Democrat To Vote For An Anti-Common Core Bill. “Louisiana’s House Education Committee Wednesday night voted down two bills that could have scrapped the Common Core education standards and prohibited the use of related standardized tests in local schools. […] Voting in favor of holding off on Common Core and the related testing: State Reps. Henry Burns, R-Haughton, John Bel Edwards, D-Amite, Cameron Henry, R-Metairie, Paul Hollis, R-Mandeville, Barry Ivey, R-Central, Dee Richard, No Party-Thibodaux, Rob Shadoin, R-Ruston.” [Times-Picayune, 4/2/14]


John Bel: “I Oppose Common Core Standards In Their Current Form For Many Reasons, But Chiefly Because They Promote An Over-Reliance On Testing To Inform All Aspects Of Teaching And Learning.” “I oppose Common Core standards in their current form for many reasons, but chiefly because they promote an over-reliance on testing to inform all aspects of teaching and learning, which misinforms parents about the quality of public schools in our state.” [John Bel Edwards for Louisiana, accessed 10/30/15]




From 2008 To 2015 John Bel Edwards Voted 28 Out Of 28 Times In Favor Of Life Legislation, Giving Him A 100% With Louisiana Right To Life Federation. According to Louisiana Right to Life, throughout his tenure in the State House, from 2008 to 2015 John Bel Edwards cast 28 out of 28 pro-life votes, giving him a 100% Pro-Life status. [Louisiana Right to Life Federation, accessed 10/30/15]


John Bel Edwards Voted In Support Of A Controversial Slate Of Abortion Restrictions That Would Shut Down Three Abortion Clinics In Louisiana. “Edwards, a Democrat, also characterizes himself as anti-abortion. The state legislator voted in support of a controversial slate of abortion restrictions this year that are expected to shut down three of the five abortion clinics in Louisiana.” [Times-Picayune, 7/22/15]




John Bel Edwards Said, “The Second Amendment Is Part Of The U.S. Constitution And It Confers An Individual Right That Should Be Protected.” “State Rep. John Bel Edwards, the lone announced Democrat in Louisiana’s governor’s race, has emphasized his Second Amendment credentials from the start, and he hasn’t altered his position following last week’s mass shooting in Lafayette where two victims died. ‘The Second Amendment is part of the U.S. Constitution and it confers and individual right that should be protected,’ said Edwards who spoke to the Monroe Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday.” [The Advertiser, 7/28/15]


John Bel Edwards Had A 98 Percent Rating With The NRA. EDWARDS: “I think I’m poised to do that based on my record in the Legislature, based on the fact that I am the type of Democrat who won routinely in Louisiana until recent years—relatively conservative on social issues, 98 with the NRA and 100 percent with Louisiana Right to Life.” [Business Report, 4/29/15]



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