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Phone Bank Guide

We are using a predictive dialer to help talk to as many voters as possible. This software will “weed out” and skip most voicemails, along with wrong and disconnected numbers.

(For screenshots, please see the graphic guide at the end of this document.)

  1. Click the link in the daily email sent to you
  2. Log In (If you do not already have an account, you will need to create one)
  3. Click “Join Campaign” on the box to the left of the screen
  4. Your phone will be called by a number with a (213) area code — ANSWER THE CALL and listen to the message that plays if it’s your first time using this predictive dialer
  5. You will get a prompt at the top left of your computer screen that says “You’re connected!” After you see that prompt, and you are ready to make calls, click Begin Dialing
  6. Now you will be receiving calls on your phone, so be ready to talk! ! The top of your screen will show the name of the person you are calling and their phone number
  7. Do not hang up your phone after you finish the conversation
  8. You will find the options to enter a “response” from the voter you contacted at the bottom of the screen. Once you enter a response, make sure to click “SAVE”, then click “NEXT CALL”
  9. You will automatically be connected to the next voter on the list. Never end the call on your phone, just stay on the line for the whole time you are phone banking
  10. Once you’ve completed your call shift, click “End Session”