February 17, 2020
Contact: Allyson Sanders

ICYMI: More Information in Attorney General Jeff Landry’s Visa Fraud Scandal 

We’re sure you saw something, but you probably couldn’t catch all of the information in the bombshell scandal involving Attorney General Jeff Landry’s visa fraud. More questions are emerging regarding Landry’s role in a scheme to import workers illegally with the help of a felon – still, we haven’t heard anything from Jeff Landry himself.

Here are all of the stories from this weekend about Landry’s fraud scheme: 

The Advocate: Our Views: Jeff Landry owes voters real answers concerning dealings with Houston labor broker

Landry owes the voters real answers. It will take more than having his brother shoot a lame video, claiming that the attorney general is under attack because he is a conservative.An elected official should not hide behind a relative.The tough-talking attorney general likes to boost his political profile by alleging that New Orleans and Lafayette are sanctuary cities. If Louisiana’s top prosecutor wants to ferret out a real immigration problem, he might look inside his own collection of businesses.

Times-Picayune: Labor leaders rip Jeff Landry’s importation of Mexican welders, pipefitters: ‘He needs to resign’

Labor unions that have been left out of major construction projects in southwest Louisiana are blasting Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry after The Times-Picayune |The Advocate reported Friday that companies owned by Landry or his brother brought in hundreds of Mexican workers to handle the jobs instead.

“He needs to resign,” said Dennis Miller, who represents Laborers Local 99 in Louisiana and Mississippi. “You have a guy who represents Louisiana, supposed to represent the people to uplift our state, and doing something like this … It’s just unacceptable.”

Times-Picayune:On sketchy side deal, Jeff Landry’s words and actions don’t jibe
Landry may have a very important state job, but he’s also got a lucrative side gig going. And according to a new report by this newspaper’s Bryn Stole and John Simerman, a number of the particulars wouldn’t, or shouldn’t, pass muster with the type of elected official Landry purports to be.


This part really shouldn’t come as a surprise, because it’s not the first time Landry has asked his constituents to overlook the fact that he’s saying one thing and doing another. This, after all, is a guy who paints himself as a guardian angel of people with preexisting conditions, even as he’s suing to overturn the law that guarantees their access to health insurance.

This stinky deal is just one more example of Landry’s words and actions not adding up.

Times-Picayune: Listen: Jeff Landry spokesman calls story about AG’s business dealings ‘bogus’

KLFY: Newspaper report suggests Louisiana AG Jeff Landry profited off immigrant labor scheme

Times-Picayune: Jeff Landry spokesman ducks questions about whether AG’s firm hired Americans for LNG project

Times-Picayune: Visa fraudster Marco Pesquera was in federal crosshairs amid deal with Jeff Landry companies

Times-Picayune: H-2B guest worker visas criticized from the left and right; employers clamor for foreign workers

KATC: ADVOCATE: Jeff Landry firms brought Mexicans in to work at gas terminal