Governor Bobby Jindal tonight announced that he is suspending his failing presidential campaign, and will finally come back home to Louisiana. After spending more than 100 days outside of the state this year alone, and millions of dollars on his vanity campaign, our governor in absentia will not even make it to the Iowa Caucus.

But let’s not forget – David Vitter endorsed Jindal three times, gave his administration a passing grade, and said he agrees with “all of [Jindal’s] political values.” A Vitter administration would mean four more years of Jindal’s failed policies.

“We’re all glad to have Governor Jindal finally back in Louisiana, and we’re anticipating his endorsement of David Vitter, the natural successor to Jindal’s failed policies,” said Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, Chairwoman of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “Jindal’s failure in the presidential race represents a rejection of the policies he and David Vitter have championed. And this weekend, Louisiana voters will reject Vitter too.”