Kamikaze Mitch

Mitch McConnell isn’t the majority leader anymore, but he continues to play dangerous political games with your livelihood and your savings—and disaster relief for Louisiana!

Congress has raised the debt ceiling dozens of times over the years. It’s routine. Congress has to raise the debt ceiling, or the government cannot pay its bills. If that happens, America goes into default, over 6 million jobs are lost, more than $15 trillion of American’s personal wealth is wiped out, and social security payments are suspended.

To make matters worse, Louisiana would not be able to receive much-needed disaster relief after a year of devastating hurricanes!

Mitch McConnell and his Republican Senators know this; they’ve admitted as much. McConnell said the debt ceiling should be raised to avoid an economic catastrophe but vowed that Republicans would not increase the debt ceiling.


He’s an obstructionist. Democrats are in control and McConnell wants to score cheap political points at YOUR expense!

We cannot stand for this. We cannot afford to lose millions of jobs, trillions of hard-working people’s savings, or pensions–especially not for those on fixed incomes or veterans. Louisiana can’t afford to wait for disaster relief!

And we can’t afford another disaster. Kamikaze Mitch is taking aim at your job, your savings, and your state’s disaster relief funding. We have to stop him. Call your Senators today! Senator John Kennedy can be reached at (202) 224 4623 and Senator Bill Cassidy can be reached at (202) 224-5824.