Tuesday, February 4, 2014
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Koch Bros. Group Supporting Bill Cassidy & Spending Millions On Anti-Landrieu Attack Ads Is Trying To Kill Senate Flood Insurance Bill
Cassidy Literally Thanked Koch Brothers’ Group For Millions In False Attack Ads

New Orleans, Louisiana – The billionaire Koch brothers have bankrolled millions of dollars in false attack ads against Sen. Mary Landrieu on behalf of Congressman Bill Cassidy through their flagship independent expenditure group, Americans for Prosperity (AFP). Now the Koch brothers and AFP are trying to kill the bipartisan flood insurance reform bill that passed the Senate last week, the state’s top legislative priority, which will prevent massive insurance rate hikes for 500,000 in Louisiana.

While Sen. Landrieu was leading Senate passage of the bipartisan Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act last week, AFP was fighting to kill the bill. In a letter to Congress, AFP told lawmakers to instead back Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey’s amendment because it would “preserve the crux” of the Biggert-Waters legislation that is causing such massive insurance rate hikes for Louisianians. For months it was Sen. Toomey who blocked passage of the crucial flood insurance reform bill.

Bill Cassidy’s public relationship with AFP dates back to at least November of 2013, when Cassidy literally thanked a staff member of the IE group while campaigning at one of their events. He conveniently left the AFP event off of his official campaign schedule. And according to the Daily Advertiser, the billionaire Koch brothers who run AFP endorsed Cassidy even before the official launch of his campaign.

“In a word, it’s shameful. The out-of-state billionaires bankrolling millions in false attack ads against Sen. Landrieu on Bill Cassidy’s behalf are now trying to thwart passage of crucial flood insurance reforms that will stop massive premium increases from hurting half a million Louisianians,” said Campaign for Louisiana Communications Director Andrew Zucker. “Unfortunately this is only the latest example of the Koch brothers’ anti-Louisiana agenda. Their efforts to kill bipartisan flood insurance reform are yet another reason why Louisianians shouldn’t trust the millions of dollars worth of false attack ads they have launched against Sen. Landrieu.”


“Louisiana Has Nearly 500,000 NFIP Policies And There Are More Than 5.5 Million Policyholders Nationwide.” [The Advocate, 10/2/13]

In 2013, Senator Toomey Blocked Legislation Proposed By Senator Landrieu To Delay Flood Insurance Premium Hikes. “Last year, Toomey used Senate rules to block a vote on another delaying measure proposed by Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La.” [Times-Picayune, 1/27/14]

Koch Companies Endorsed Cassidy, Saying “We Believe Dr. Cassidy’s Positions Are Most Aligned With Ours In This Race.” ‘”Koch has historically supported candidates who have espoused free-market principles and policies. Based on his previous voting record and public statements, we believe Dr. Cassidy’s positions are most aligned with ours in this race,’ wrote Koch Companies Public Sector LLC President Philip Ellender in an email last week.” [The Advertiser, 2/2/14]