Today, we lost a champion for Louisiana, Democrats, and women everywhere.

Felicia Kahn spent a lifetime as a proud progressive and advocate for women and civil rights. She was a regular fixture at Democratic national conventions, only missing one since 1976. She was a leader in the New Orleans Coalition, the League of Women’s Voters, the National Coalition for Jewish Women, and a former President of the Independent Women’s Organization.

Felicia inspired countless people with her passion and tenacity, including me.

Please join us as we reflect on her life and impact.

Rest in Power, Felicia…

Karen Carter Peterson 


Governor John Bel Edwards:

“We’ve lost one of the strongest champions for equal rights and equal pay for women, but Felicia Kahn’s work will continue through the many people she inspired.  I am proud to say that I knew Felicia & will work to ensure that her legacy lives on throughout Louisiana and the nation.”

Congressman Richmond:

“Felicia Kahn was a giant in the city of New Orleans and her work and passion gained her admiration throughout the country,” said Rep. Richmond.  “One was never confused about her values or priorities, she was always in pursuit of the upward mobility and wellness of everyone.  With her death we lost a champion for the advancement of women, and our commitment should be to carry on that work with the same determination and vigor.”

Senator Karen Carter Peterson:

“I was born a Democrat, but Felicia Kahn helped raise me into the Democrat I am today. She was a prominent part of my rise in public service and inspired my commitment to women’s equality, and for that I will be eternally grateful. Before I was even old enough to vote, I attended political organizing meetings led by Felicia. Her example made me long to become an advocate for the causes we shared.”

Vice Chair Michael McHale:

“The world is a little less bright today. Louisiana has lost a true champion and a force of Nature. Felicia has been an inspiration to Democrats around the country. I am saddened by the loss but am grateful that I had the opportunity to know her. I am a better person for having the privilege.”

Executive Director Stephen Handwerk:

“Last week I had the pleasure of spending 20 minutes with Felicia on the phone.  She was so proud of the work of IWO and was excited for the new slate of officers and was completely ready to begin training them.  Felicia was a dear friend, tireless advocate, someone I will miss greatly – but never forget.”

Mayor LaToya Cantrell:

“Heartbroken over the loss of Felicia Kahn.  She has been an icon & an institution for generations & was an inspiration for me as a champion of equal rights & women’s rights.  Her legacy is hard to overstate. I am grateful to have known her, and to have benefited from her relentless efforts on behalf of the women of this state.”

Mayor Mitch Landrieu:

“Felicia Kahn was not only a pillar in our party but in our community.  She was first and foremost a champion for justice and fairness.  Her tenacious spirit will endure through countless New Orleanians she mentored over the years.  My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.”

Immediate Past President of IWO Lynda Woolard:

In the history of the universe, there has never been, and will never be, another Felicia Kahn. She was the perfect role model for Democrats and women’s rights advocates. Her legacy will live on through the thousands of people she inspired, coached, encouraged, and hounded to get involved and take action. She never stopped, and neither should we.


DNC Committee Member Deborah Langhoff:

“Felicia’s experiences and knowledge were generously offered to her candidates and officeholders over the last half century, and time had not diminished her interest and keen observations.  Felicia gathered mentees from each new generation of democrats.  Her lasting influence cannot be overestimated, as it has grown exponentially through those she touched. Truly, Felicia was the change we all want to see in the world.”


Debbie Meaux, President Louisiana Association of Educators

The Democratic Party and Democrats everywhere owe you a debt of thanks for keeping the torch lights burning through the many whom you have touched. I, as a woman, thank you for teaching us that we are true warriors for the people if we embrace that calling. My hope is that your spirit will continue to fill the young Democratic women of Louisiana and this country. One match cannot dispel the darkness; but if we all strike a match together, we can light a torch that ignites a fire for us all.

Lisa Diggs, 2nd Congressional District Representative:

“I am deeply saddened by this news. I love Felicia and she bestowed the highest honor on me by telling me that I am ‘one of her champions’. Rest in power, Felicia.”

Senator Troy Carter, Chair of the Senate Democratic Caucus and 7th District State Senator: 

“Today we mourn the loss of a great pioneering icon, Ms. Felicia Kahn. Felicia was well respected in many poltiical, social, and philanthropic circles. We have lost a fierce advocate for women and humanity!”
Jared Brossett, New Orleans City Councilmember: 

“I’m very saddened by the loss of Felicia Kahn. She spent her life advocating for women & disenfranchised communities. She was also a strong supporter of everything I pursued. Just last week we had a great conversation. Felicia will be missed, but her legacy will live on forever.”

Representative Royce Duplesis:

I am truely saddened by the passing of Felicia Kahn.  Ms. Kahn’s life and tireless work inspired me and countless others.

Jason Williams, New Orleans City Councilmember: 

“Words can’t describe how much I will miss my friend, Felicia. My heart is heavy for my loss but even heavier for what this loss means for this community. She brilliantly fought to make our home a better place. She will be missed!”

New Orleans City Council Statement: 
“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Felicia Kahn this morning. We were honored to have her with us at our meeting on March 22 with the League of Women Voters in celebration of their 75th anniversary. She was an inspiration to all of our, and all of NOLA will miss her deeply.”

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