January 4, 2020
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Louisiana Democratic Party Chair: History will remember John Neely Kennedy as he deserves to be remembered

BATON ROUGE, LA – Despite having no evidence of election fraud whatsoever, Louisiana Republican U.S. Sen. John Kennedy has joined an effort to refuse certifying electors from six states, in hopes of denying the presidency to the election’s winner, Joe Biden. Louisiana Democratic Party Chair Katie Bernhardt issued the following statement today.

“Senator Kennedy has broken his oath to uphold our Constitution. He is embarrassing our state, particularly in light of his role as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Playing into fear and misinformation exemplifies his lack of leadership and is simply unpatriotic. For those who know him best, this latest grab for headlines comes as no surprise. History will remember Senator John Neely Kennedy the way he deserves to be remembered: As a seditious, and un-American pretender who takes advantage of every play for attention by fear mongering and perpetuating misinformation. Louisiana deserves better.”