Louisiana Democratic Party Releases New Video: “Vitter’s Homework”

//Louisiana Democratic Party Releases New Video: “Vitter’s Homework”

BATON ROUGE — As Sen. David Vitter prepares to tour the state to stoke his gubernatorial ambitions, the Louisiana Democratic Party today released a video of “highlights” from his Baton Rouge Press Club appearance, in which he admitted he still needed to do more “homework” on critical state issues.

“Louisiana needs a governor who has the experience and know-how to do the job on day one — not someone who has been running for the office for months, but still hasn’t done his ‘homework’ to know where he stands on issues like the state budget, Common Core or the levee board lawsuit,” said Louisiana Democratic Party Chair Karen Carter Peterson. “Vitter’s disregard for the issues facing this state isn’t surprising. He’d much rather campaign than do the hard work of governing. In that regard, he’s very much like his Republican friend and colleague, Bobby Jindal. The voters of Louisiana should send Vitter and Jindal to detention for remedial coursework in Government 101.”

For more information about Vitter’s dismal record, visit www.vitterforgovernor.com.


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