President Obama’s Year of Action Inspires Louisiana Democrats to Fight for Affordable Health Care for Uninsured Louisianians

BATON ROUGE — The Louisiana Democratic Party released the following statement from Chair Karen Carter Peterson on tonight’s State of the Union address by President Barack Obama:

“I applaud the president’s commitment to expanding opportunity and putting Americans back to work,” said Louisiana Democratic Party Chair Karen Carter Peterson. “Our president is taking action in spite of Republicans like Senator Shutdown, David Vitter, and Congressman John Fleming, who can’t wait for ‘Round Two’ of the government shutdown.

“Raising the minimum wage would help lift millions of Americans out of poverty, but it would also help stimulate the economy and grow the middle class. I hope Louisiana Republicans can look past partisan labels and support this common-sense proposal, which has the support of more than 70 percent of Americans.

“Finally, we are inspired by the president’s pledge to make 2014 a year of action, and we are taking that message as a call to action for Louisiana families. If our governor continues to refuse federal Medicaid dollars for expanded access to affordable health care, Democratic legislators will do what it takes to help the hundreds of thousands of Louisianians who are falling into the ‘Jindal Gap.’”