September 26, 2020
Contact: Allyson Sanders

Louisiana Democrats Endorse Democratic Candidates for Congress and Public Service Commission

BATON ROUGE, LA – Saturday, the Democratic State Central Committee of Louisiana voted to endorse Democratic candidates for Congress and the Public Service Commission.

The DSCC endorsed the following candidates: 

  • Lee Ann Dugas was endorsed in the First Congressional District.
  • Congressman Cedric Richmond was endorsed on July 30 for the 2nd Congressional District.
  • Rob Anderson and Braylon Harris were endorsed in the Third Congressional District. 
  • Kenny Houston was endorsed in the Fourth Congressional District. 
  • Martin Lemelle, Jr. was endorsed in the Fifth Congressional District.
  • Dartanyon Williams was endorsed in the Sixth Congressional District. 
  • Allen Borne was endorsed in Public Service Commission District One.
  • Foster Campbell was endorsed in Public Service Commission District Five.

“We’re excited to endorse this slate of Democrats and work to elect them this November,” Katie Bernhardt, Chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party said. “I couldn’t be prouder of these candidates connecting with their communities and running strong campaigns in every corner of the state.

“Together, we’re engaging and turning out our base, mobilizing new voters, and building a winning coalition. Alongside our slate of candidates, Louisiana Democrats will build off of enthusiasm across our state and expand the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives.”