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New Poll Shows Jindal Approval Rating Tanking to All-Time Low; Even Republicans Unhappy With Jindal Agenda

Baton Rouge, LA  –   Louisiana Democrats have known for many years that Bobby Jindal’s reckless agenda and national ambitions are damaging Louisiana, our schools and universities, and undermining our health care.

Today a new poll shows Jindal’s reckless agenda has caught up with him and has severely damaged him with Louisiana voters.

A new PPP poll found that a mere 37 percent of Louisiana voters approve of the job Jindal is doing compared with a majority of 57 percent who disapprove. When PPP last conducted a survey in Louisiana in 2010, 58 percent of voters said they approved of Jindal’s job performance while only 34 percent disapproved.

Additionally, Jindal’s approval has dropped like a stone with Republicans, down 22 points since the last survey.

“Gov. Jindal has shown repeatedly that he is more interested in his national ambitions and being the mouth-piece of the reckless far right than he is in fighting for average Louisianans, improving our public education system, and strengthening our health care system,” said Chairwoman Karen Carter Peterson. “This poll shows that voters are clearly unhappy with Jindal and that they want a new direction for our state.”

The table below shows Jindal’s recent drop in approval.


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