Party Announces New Membership Programs

//Party Announces New Membership Programs

LDP Chairwoman Karen Carter Peterson, Executive Director Stephen Handwerk and the new leadership team at the Louisiana Democratic Party hit the ground running today, announcing new membership programs to help strengthen and grow the party.

“One thing I have heard time and time again since the Jefferson Jackson Dinner is that we need to have more affordable ways for our party members to play a significant role in our party’s growth and direction,” Handwerk said. “So today we are announcing our new Official Membership program.”

“We are committed to building a strong party from the bottom up,” said LDP Chairwoman Peterson. “Providing a means for Democrats of every income level to become stakeholders in our party is essential to doing that work. These membership programs are an essential part of that effort. I hope that every Louisiana Democrat finds a way to participate in these programs and take ownership of their party.”

You can become an Official Member of the Louisiana Democratic Party by clicking and joining up today. Your membership fee is only $40 per year and for that you will get:

  • The LADemo News service, the latest news and issues reports that directly affect you and your family.
  • You will get an official membership card to carry with Pride! And,
  • You will be amongst the first to hear about Democratic events in your area.

“This is the best and easiest way for you to play a significant role in moving our party forward,” Handwerk said.

If you want to play a more active role, become a Sustaining Member! That is right! We are bringing back the Blue Krewe — All New and Vastly Improved! Sustaining members commit to donating a minimum of $25 per month for one year.

Sustaining Members receive everything the Official Member receives including a special Sustaining Member card — Plus

  • They will be invited to special insider conference calls and events.
  • And, if you sign up now, we’ll send you both a 2012 Obama bumper sticker AND an official 2012 Louisiana Delegation Button from the convention in Charlotte. These are collectors items!

“If we are going to grow the party and have the resources we need to be successful then we need you to be “IN!” Handwerk added. “We need you to help us Grow our party! There is simply Too Much at stake not to act. So, please become a Card Carrying Member or a Sustaining Member today!”

Act today and we will denote on your card that you are a Kick Off Member!

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Originally published: Sep 25, 2012

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