Pres. Biden Delivers Bipartisanship and Infrastructure

Sen. Bill Cassidy put Louisiana’s needs first; Kennedy chose politics over the people he serves.

President Joe Biden moved a historic $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill through the United States Senate today, a feat his twice-impeached predecessor often spoke about but never accomplished. The bill received 69 votes in the upper chamber, including 19 votes from Republican Senators. 

Globally, America ranks 13th in infrastructure. Louisiana receives a dismal D+ infrastructure grade. We have more than 3,400 miles of roadway in poor condition, 1,600 structurally deficient bridges, and over 1,700 boil notices a year. Nevertheless, Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) voted no on the bill. This bill will create millions of good-paying jobs and upgrade our crumbling roads, bridges, and water infrastructure, as well as expand access to affordable high-speed internet and modernize public transit. Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA), Kennedy’s Republican seatmate, not only voted for the bill, but was one of the Republicans who helped craft the legislation.   

“President Biden promised bipartisanship, and he is delivering,” said Ben Riggs, Communications Director for the Louisiana Democratic Party. “President Biden and Democrats worked across the aisle to forge consensus on this legislation, which will make historic investments in our state and create new, good-paying jobs. Senator Cassidy played a pivotal role in negotiations. Unfortunately, Senator John Kennedy continued to put his political agenda ahead of America and Louisiana. Senator Kennedy is not a public servant. He is a self-obsessed TV personality that is only interested in the next soundbite.”