Evanette Richards

Evanette Richards

Caddo, East Baton Rouge, East Carroll, Iberville, Madison, Orleans, St. Helena, St. James, St. John The Baptist and Tensas — Louisiana parishes Obama carried in the recent presidential election. Red State? For now, maybe. But there is obviously a chink in the armor.

The Republicans have lost the past two presidential elections. Democrats continue to hold the U. S. Senate, and have their eye on regaining the U.S. House of Representatives in the 2014 mid-term elections. Apparently, the Republican message failed to resonate with the majority of the electorate. The Republicans know they must re-tool their message if they want to hold national office again.

Republicans are wounded and, thus vulnerable. Now is the time for Louisiana Democrats to organize and put forth viable, qualified candidates, spreading our message throughout the state — that WE are the party of inclusiveness, that WE represent ALL the people, and not just the wealthy and special interests.

Dem-voicesFor too long the Republican entertainment complex (Fox News, Rush, Ann Coulter, etc.) has gotten away with vilifying us, painting our party as evil socialists who eat their young. The presidential election underscored the fact that the voters just don’t buy their propaganda.

The State of Louisiana needs to change course. We need elected officials who love Louisiana, not those who would use their office as a stepping stone for higher aspirations.

Red State? Not so fast. More like Purple to me — with all those Blue dots.

Evanette Richards is a North Louisiana native now living in Lafayette, Louisiana, with her husband, Paul. They are both retired and enjoy golf, travelling, and swimming. Evanette has spent most of her working life with Legal Services Corporation as a public benefits paralegal. She is a lifelong Democrat since the age 10. If you would like to reply to this blog, or would like to contact Evanette Richards, please send an email to venese.morgan@gmail.com.

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Originally published: Nov 29, 2012