February 20, 2019
Contact: Allyson Sanders

Jeff Landry Spread Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric During Scheme to Illegally Hire Foreign Workers

BATON ROUGE, LA – Social media posts reveal that Attorney General Jeff Landry continued to spread anti-immigrant rhetoric while his firm was involved in a felon’s fraud scheme to illegally hire foreign workers over Louisianians.

“Jeff Landry’s role in the visa fraud scandal reveals that his anti-immigrant agenda and fear-mongering isn’t just toxic, it’s hypocritical,” Stephen Handwerk, Louisiana Democratic Party Executive Director said. “While he continued to use false claims to spread his anti-immigrant message on social media, his firm was doing business with shell companies illegally hiring foreign workers. And while Landry pretended to champion Louisiana jobs, his firm refused to hire well qualified, Louisiana union workers for the project. Jeff Landry has an apology to make: for his hateful rhetoric, his refusal to hire Louisiana workers, and his firm’s role in this fraud. We deserve an explanation.”

During the time Landry’s firm was working with a felon that illegally won visas for foreign workers, he regularly spread false claims about alleged “sanctuary cities” in Louisiana, shared stories painting immigrants as criminals, and poured out his support for Trump’s border wall.