RELEASE: Landry Sued For Breaking The Law

//RELEASE: Landry Sued For Breaking The Law

Landry Sued For Breaking The Law
Pledged Transparency During 2015 Campaign

BATON ROUGE – This week, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry has come under fire for failing to produce public records from his office.  The Advocate reported that despite having received a request for documents that are attainable under public records laws on September 30, 2016, Jeff Landry’s office is making excuses for why he cannot comply with the law.

“Jeff Landry is breaking the law,” said Stephen Handwerk, Executive Director of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “No matter what the excuse is, the bottom line is that Jeff Landry is refusing to turn over public records.  In 2015, Jeff Landry touted transparency, but as soon as he took office, he immediately began hiding important information from the public.  Since he is going to such great lengths to hide these records from the public, the simple question is – what’s he hiding?”

According to the Louisiana Record in 2015, “An organization working to hold attorney general candidates accountable says Louisiana attorney general candidate Jeff Landry has made a pledge to be transparent in office.”

“Jeff Landry has been anything, but transparent,” Handwerk continued.  “The law clearly gives elected officials a timeline for turning over documents, but the AG isn’t complying.  For someone who is supposed to enforce the law, clearly, he thinks he is above it.

“What are you hiding, Jeff?”


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