August 17, 2019
Contact: Kaleb Harmon

Louisiana Democratic Party Endorses Willie Jones for Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana

Baton Rouge, LA – On Saturday, the Democratic State Central Committee unanimously endorsed Willie Jones for Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana. The election will be held on October 12.

“After working with Willie Jones in the Orleans Democratic Parish Executive Committee, there is no doubt in my mind he’s the best candidate to serve us as Lieutenant Governor,” Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, Chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party said. “Louisiana’s one-of-a-kind scenery easily attracts visitors, whether it’s to the unique cities that dot our state or the beautiful woodlands and bayous that allow us to call ourselves ‘The Sportsman’s Paradise’. It’s time we elect a Lieutenant Governor who is committed to advancing the high levels of tourism our state enjoys and I know we found that person in Willie Jones.” 

“Billy Nungesser’s time as Lieutenant Governor has been plagued with one scandal he’s caused after another,” Stephen Handwerk, Executive Director of the Louisiana Democratic Party said. “He’s made blatantly false accusations of voter fraud, abused the Office of Lieutenant Governor just to get personal benefits, has been the subject of numerous FBI, ethics, and media investigations, and that’s just the beginning of a long career of political malfeasance. Louisiana needs a change which is why we’re doing everything we can to turn out voters in support of Willie Jones. Today was the first step and I’m proud that we’ve taken it.”


Nungesser claimed that Democrats bussed in voters to different precincts which then-Secretary of State Tom Schedler said that Nungesser’s claim was a “nonsensical statement which was, at a minimum uninformed”

Nungesser has been subject to numerous FBI, ethics, and media investigations including corruption allegations during his time as Plaquemines Parish President.