March 23, 2020
Contact: Allyson Sanders

Louisiana Democrats on the Ten Year Anniversary of the Affordable Care Act

BATON ROUGE, LA – Ten years ago today, President Obama signed into law the most significant reforms to our health care system in half a century.

Because of the ACA, more than eleven million Americans and 92,948 Louisianians have gained access to health insurance. Nearly one million Louisianians are no longer denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions and over 482,000 gained access through Medicaid expansion. 

“Ten years ago today, President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law and took a step toward enshrining health care as a right for all, not just a privileged few,” Stephen Handwerk, Executive Director of the Louisiana Demcoratic Party said. “Now, in the midst of a global pandemic and public health crisis, protecting Americans’ access to health care is more important than ever. 

“In Louisiana alone, hundreds of thousands of families are now able to take their children to the doctor or get the medication they need because of the ACA. Yet, Republicans like Bill Cassidy, John Kennedy, Jeff Landry, and Donald Trump continue their fight to rip that health care away. During a time when access to health care is vital, the Trump administration is still arguing in court to overturn the entire health care law and put the coverage of millions at risk.

“Louisiana Democrats believe that healthcare is a human right, and we will never stop fighting to protect the lives of Americans. As we celebrate the historic anniversary of the ACA, we’re recommitting ourselves to the fight to expand access to healthcare and protecting it from Republican efforts to destroy it. It’s never been more urgent.”