DECEMBER, 14th, 2018
Contact: Eric Holl

One Week After A Promise To “Work Through Christmas” To Avert a Shutdown, Rep. Abraham Takes Five Days Off Work Without A Peep

One week after saying he wanted to “work through Christmas” to avert a government shutdown, Representative Abraham is taking five days off to come home while negotiations are stalled in Congress.

When asked about the government shutdown and border wall funding fight in a radio interview on WGSO just one week ago, Rep. Abraham said “if we need to work through Christmas, at Christmas, on Christmas, let’s get this done. Because this is the people’s money we’re dealing with. We’ve got a government shutdown looming again.”

But now, as Politico reported last night, “the House and Senate left town Thursday with no strategy to avert a partial government shutdown next week, putting Congress on the brink of an intractable conflict that could drag out through New Year’s Day — furloughing hundreds of thousands of workers and costing taxpayers millions… The House isn’t planning to return until the night of Dec. 19 — leaving only about 72 hours to reach a border wall deal that has eluded both parties for months.”

Rep. Abraham has quietly left Washington and won’t return until Wednesday. While other Republican Members of Congress have publicly protested the decision to go home with a looming shutdown, Rep. Abraham hasn’t said a word since the decision was made.

“One week ago, Rep. Abraham told the people of Louisiana he’d work through Christmas to avert a government shutdown. Now the government is set to shut down in seven days, and Rep. Abraham is taking the next five days off work to go home. Other Republicans have spoken out. Why has Rep. Abraham quietly gone along with his leadership’s call for a five-day weekend? Probably because what he said earlier this month is true—he can’t focus on his job in D.C. and run for governor at the same time,” said Eric Holl, communications director for Victory 2019, the Democratic Coordinated Campaign.



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