July 2, 2020
Contact: Allyson Sanders

Report Shows that Sen. Bill Cassidy Misused Campaign Funds for Private Social Clubs

BATON ROUGE, LA – Thursday, a report showed that Sen. Bill Cassidy used thousands of dollars in campaign funds for membership dues to social clubs in New York City and Morgan City. Under Federal Election Commission law, this is considered an illegal use of campaign funds.

Since 2014, Cassidy used $5,500 of campaign funds for membership dues to a New York City social club and $650 of campaign funds to a social club in Morgan City. Under FEC rules, membership dues for “nonpolitical organizations” are considered personal uses that cannot be paid from campaign accounts. The Cassidy campaign has released no evidence of campaign events taking place at these social clubs.

Stephen Handwerk, Executive Director of the Louisiana Democratic Party, released the following statement in response to the report:

“No doubt Senator Cassidy is pleading with donors to send him $10 to help his campaign. Meanwhile, he is using those donations to fund his extravagant lifestyle of private guest rooms, members-only dining and spa services.  I think donors will have a huge problem with this. Turns out, so does the Federal Elections Commission – it’s illegal.

“Bill Cassidy receives a taxpayer-funded congressional salary of $174,000. But instead of using that huge salary for a personal membership to a swanky club in New York City, he’s illegally used campaign funds for years.  He’s thrown away thousands of dollars of other people’s money to gain access to a lifestyle that he should personally have to pay for – it’s unethical and illegal.

“This is another example of how disconnected from working Louisianans Bill Cassidy has become. As COVID-19 forces tens of thousands of Louisianans out of work, Cassidy fights to cut their unemployment benefits. As supporters donate to his campaign, he misuses their funds for a private club 1,000 miles from Baton Rouge.

“The people of Louisiana deserve better. This November, they’ll have the opportunity to kick Cassidy out of office and elect a Senator that fights for their best interests.”