February 18, 2019
Contact: Allyson Sanders

Six Questions Jeff Landry Needs to Answer About His Visa Fraud Scandal

BATON ROUGE, LA – After a bombshell report last week, there are still more questions than answers regarding Attorney General Jeff Landry’s role in a visa fraud scheme to import workers illegally.

“Louisianians have serious questions about Jeff Landry’s role in the visa fraud scheme, what he knew about the shell company he did business with, and why he refused to hire well qualified Louisiana union workers,” Stephen Handwerk, Executive Director of the Louisiana Democratic Party said. “It appears he was either complicit in defrauding the American people or, at best, he was ignorant – neither of which gets him off the hook. Voters deserve real answers from Landry, not more claims of ‘fake news.’”

Here are six questions Jeff Landry needs to answer about his role in the visa fraud scandal: 

  1. How did the state’s top prosecutor not notice that his own firm was doing business with a shell company?
  2. Why did Landry’s firm refuse to hire over 113 Louisiana workers who applied for the Cameron LNG project?
  3. Why did Landry’s firm tell local unions that they “were not going to hire any union members?”
  4. Why does the Attorney General not see his elected office as a full time job?
  5. Will Landry continue to spew anti-immigrant rhetoric, even after he profited from bringing in Mexican workers to bypass local hiring?
  6. When will he resign?