JANUARY 3, 2019
Contact: Eric Holl

Victory 2019 Response to Abraham Voting Against Opening Government and $1.3 Billion in Border Security Funding

See below for a statement on Rep. Abraham’s vote against opening the government and providing $1.3 billion in border security funding:

“This is the second time in 10 months Rep. Abraham has voted against securing our borders and in favor of shutting down government. Thousands of Louisianans are suffering due to this shutdown. Rep. Abraham needs to stop focusing on his political ambition and do his job,” said Eric Holl, spokesman for Victory 2019, the Democratic Coordinated Campaign.



Rep. Abraham Today Voted Against Legislation That Would Re-Open The Government And Provide $1.3 Billion In Border Security Funding. According to the U.S. House Clerk, Rep. Abraham voted “no” on a package of two bills to fund government. According to Reuters reporting on the two bills, “the homeland security piece of the package includes $1.3 billion for border fencing and roughly $300 million more for other border security items including cameras and technology. Democrats said the entire package is based on legislation that has already been passed by either the Senate or Senate committees.” [U.S. House Roll Call Votes 9 and 11, 1/3/19 and 1/3/19; Reuters, 12/31/18]

March 2018: Abraham Voted Against A Bill That Averted A Government Shutdown And Included $1.6 Billion In Border Wall Funding, Which Pres. Trump Said Would Allow The Govt To Begin “Starting Work” On The Wall. According to congressional records, Rep. Abraham voted against H.R. 1625 on March 22, 2018. According to a Texas Tribune about H.R. 1625, “After flirting with the prospect of vetoing an omnibus spending bill because it fell short of funding for his proposed border wall, President Donald Trump on Friday eventually gave the go-ahead to the $1.3 trillion measure just hours before a possible government shutdown… The money allotted for a barrier on the state’s southern border, more than $1 billion total, includes funding for construction of a barrier in Hidalgo and Starr counties, according to the McAllen Monitor. During a press briefing Friday afternoon, Trump characterized the funding as a down payment on the project. The Texas Tribune thanks its sponsors. Become one. “We have a lot money coming to the border, and it will be coming over a period of time,” he said. “We funded the initial down payment of $1.6 billion. We’re going to be starting work – literally – on Monday on not only some new wall … but also fixing existing walls.”” [Roll call vote, H.R. 1625, 3/22/18; Texas Tribune, 3/23/18]