Scott Angelle Switched His Loyalty from People to Power

//Scott Angelle Switched His Loyalty from People to Power

BATON ROUGE – Under attack by his current party and plummeting in the latest polls, Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle is facing new questions about his divided loyalties and potential conflicts of interest. Even while campaigning for governor and ostensibly working for the people of Louisiana on the public service commission, Angelle continues to draw a staggering payoff from an out-of-state company — to the tune of nearly $200K per year, on top of his salary as a “public servant.”

With his campaign for the state’s highest office bought and paid for by the Houston company that’s funding his super PAC, Angelle has made himself utterly beholden to the narrow interests of companies that will undoubtedly have business before the next governor. As Bobby Jindal’s henchman in the legislature, Angelle was notorious for delivering on his boss’s priorities. If out-of-state executives are able to buy him the governor’s race, it’s clear where Angelle’s priorities would lie.

“Five years ago, Scott Angelle jumped ship and switched parties — abandoning Louisiana families and those of us fighting for real Louisiana family values,” said Stephen Handwerk, executive director of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “Angelle switched his loyalty from people to power, and his record on everything from the sinkhole to the BP oil spill make it clear he can’t be trusted with the governor’s office. Voters need a leader who will protect our families and put Louisiana first, not some corporate board from another state.”


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