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The Right Wing Misconception: by Katherine Schexnayder

Katherine Schexnayder Today, two weeks after the United States re-elected President Barack Obama, I sit in front of my computer contemplating the implications of yet another Democratic win at the expense of an ill-informed, rabid Republican party. As a Democrat I feel the obvious growing satisfaction from knowing [...]

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Red + Blue = PURPLE By: Evanette Richards

Evanette Richards Caddo, East Baton Rouge, East Carroll, Iberville, Madison, Orleans, St. Helena, St. James, St. John The Baptist and Tensas --- Louisiana parishes Obama carried in the recent presidential election. Red State? For now, maybe. But there is obviously a chink in the armor. The Republicans have [...]

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Jindal identifies self as leading GOP Enemy (Higher Ed Policies Prove It)

In a startling interview with a reporter with the national politics website Politico this week, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal unleashed a furious and devastatingly accurate attack of his own higher education policies. In a typically rambling, stream of consciousness, 45-minute telephone interview with Jindal, reporter Jonathan Martin landed this whopper from the [...]

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