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Cassidy Voted Against Veterans Funding in State Senate and Tried to Distract from Republican Obstruction

Lafayette – Today local veterans called on Congressman Bill Cassidy to support their fellow servicemen and women and recognize the importance of veterans’ facilities in the state, specifically calling out his vote as a state senator against millions in funding for veterans.

“I have seen men and women demonstrate incredible courage on the battlefield for this country and deserve the very best care and consideration when they get back home,” said GySgt. Richard Warren, USMC (Ret.). “I am calling on Bill Cassidy to support retired veterans like me, not just pay lip service to doing so because he wants to be senator.”

In 2007, then-state Sen. Cassidy voted against the state budget, which included millions for veterans’ programs. The budget received broad, bipartisan support, but Cassidy rejected the spending plan and its funding for vital services for veterans. The Louisiana Democratic Party organized today’s news conference to contrast Cassidy’s words with his disastrous actions against veterans.

“Congressman Cassidy has a history of playing politics on crucial legislation,” said Louisiana Democratic Party Executive Director Stephen Handwerk. “He was only one of two state senate votes against funding these housing programs. We are here today to show him that the stakes are too high for petty games.”

Cassidy’s record on veterans’ issues drew scrutiny earlier this year when he attempted to shift blame away from his GOP colleagues in the Senate, who blocked comprehensive veterans legislation from coming up for a vote in February. Politifact ruled Cassidy’s claims as “False” on their Truth-O-Meter.

“It is outrageous that the Congressman would not only vote against proposals to help veterans, but then accuse other legislators of not helping veterans,” said state Rep. Jack Montoucet (D-Crowley). “Easing the transition to civilian life for veterans and military families just isn’t a partisan issue, and Congressman Cassidy should never make it one.”

“I am a passionate supporter of veterans’ causes,” said Carroll Baudoin, a Marine Corps veteran and activist in Lafayette. “Veterans need leaders in office who are committed, beyond just meetings and photo ops, but people who will actually put their money where their mouth is.”

Cassidy’s misleading claims extend beyond veterans’ issues. Yesterday his campaign launched a campaign ad that criticizes Sen. Mary Landrieu for Medicare savings that he has admitted to voting for himself.

State Rep. Jack Montoucet speaks on veterans' issues

State Rep. Jack Montoucet speaks on veterans’ issues