Vitter Lying, Desperate as Campaign Falters

//Vitter Lying, Desperate as Campaign Falters

With six days left in the run-off election, David Vitter has continued his campaign of lies and desperation in an effort to salvage his failing bid to become our Governor. Vitter, who has been dogged by an endless string of scandals including the Senator’s involvement with prostitutes and ongoing legal investigations involving spying and illegal surveillance, is running his dirty campaign to its bitter end.

In just the past four days, Vitter’s campaign and supporters have touted robocalls from third-tier presidential candidates and new lies about John Bel Edwards. The latest came late last week, when his operatives lied about an event that was attended by Edwards’ wife Donna, members of the clergy and a retired Louisiana judge, calling it a “risque adult hip-hop club.”

“David Vitter ought to check his cell phone call log before he claims someone else was in a seedy New Orleans establishment. Unfortunately for him, Louisianians are rejecting his lies, and now all he has left is enlisting help from a third-tier presidential candidate,” said Stephen Handwerk, Executive Director of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “Perhaps Bobby Jindal, Louisiana’s favorite third-tier presidential candidate, will help Vitter out as well.”


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