With 61 Bills Introduced and Zero Emerging from Committee, Vitter’s Record of Futility in Senate Unmatched

BATON ROUGE — As Louisiana voters wait to see if Sen. David Vitter will run for governor, they are also waiting for another milestone — the first of Vitter’s 61 bills to be considered by a Senate committee in the current session.

“In this business of politics, we have show horses and work horses, and clearly David Vitter is the former, not the latter,” said Louisiana Democratic Party Executive Director Stephen Handwerk. “Vitter is more focused on attracting headlines and advancing his political career than doing the business of a legislator and fighting for Louisiana’s families. With an unmatched record of futility in the Senate, Vitter is now considering asking the voters of Louisiana for a promotion that he clearly hasn’t earned. It’s shameless, but that’s nothing new with Vitter.”

In a Congress noted for its inaction on issues critical for middle-class families, Vitter exceeds every other member of Congress in ineptitude.

The Brookings Institute analyzed U.S. Representatives and Senators for their legislative effectiveness, ala “Moneyball,” and found that Vitter had introduced the highest number of bills last year — 61. At the same time, exactly zero of those bills has emerged from committee, giving Vitter a .000 “batting average.”

For more information about Vitter’s record, visit www.vitterforgovernor.com.