Congressman Clay Higgins announced today that he would visit Texas (again) to participate in another act of political theater. In May, Higgins couldn’t find time to meet with President Biden in Lake Charles to discuss recovery efforts and plans to rebuild Lake Charles following Hurricanes Laura and Delta and the historic ice storm. 

In response to criticism about this dereliction of duty from constituents, Higgins said, “I don’t work for Joe Biden. I work for We, the People…” However, Higgins has also failed to meet with “We, the People.” On March 30, 2021, the American Press reported that Higgins couldn’t find time for an important town hall in Lake Charles to discuss the struggles residents are facing after the storms. In fact, Lake Charles residents complained that Higgins was “doing little to aid with recovery from Hurricanes Laura and Delta.” Despite their complaints, the next day Higgins found time to hobnob with political insiders and wealthy elites at a fancy Florida resort, nearly 1,000 miles east of Lake Charles. 

“Congressman Clay Higgins has completely failed the people of Lake Charles and Louisiana’s third congressional district,” said Ben Riggs, Communications Director for the Louisiana Democratic Party. “It’s been ten months since Hurricane Laura made landfall and left a path of destruction in her wake. Higgins has repeatedly failed to get the people of Lake Charles the help they need or even make an effort to be present. Higgins not only seems to have forgotten who he works for, but what state he represents and who the President is.”