March 9, 2019
Contact: Kaleb Harmon

Louisiana Democratic Party Unanimously Endorses Gov. John Bel Edwards for Re-Election

BATON ROUGE, LA – On Saturday, The Louisiana Democratic Party’s Democratic State Central Committee unanimously voted to endorse Governor John Bel Edwards for his 2019 gubernatorial campaign.

“The unanimous endorsement of Governor Edwards by our body today is a clear showing of the work he’s done for the people of Louisiana,” LDP Chair Karen Carter Peterson said. “Whether it’s insuring over 480,000 people through Medicaid expansion, fighting to protect all levels of education from early childhood to K-12 to higher education, or economic stability and success, Louisiana has made incredible strides these past 4 years. We’re finally moving forward from the destructive policies of the Jindal Administration and that’s thanks to our Governor.”

Other members of the DSCC touted Gov. Edwards economic development prowess. Since taking office, he has brought over 30,000 new jobs, $30.7B worth of capital investments, and 100 major economic development projects.

“Without a doubt, we are better off than we were 4 years ago,” LDP Executive Director Stephen Handwerk said. “Gov. Edwards has been fighting everyday for the state of Louisiana. He led us from a budget deficit of $2 billion to economic success through his policies and leadership. Governor Edwards’ opponents want to take us back. They supported Bobby Jindal and the policies he used to tank Louisiana’s economy, bankrupt our government, threaten our education, and deprive working people of healthcare. Louisiana can’t afford another Bobby Jindal, and that’s who Governor Edwards’ opponents want to be.”

Governor Edwards thanked the DSCC members for their endorsement and asked for their continued support in his re-election.

“I am grateful to receive this endorsement. Four years ago I told the people of Louisiana I would put Louisiana first, and I’ve kept that promise. We as Louisianans have worked together to expand Medicaid, turn record budget deficits into surpluses, and shed the title of America’s most incarcerated state. We have secured record economic development deals and created 30,000 jobs. But we have more work to do. I’m going to continue to fight to move our state forward. We’re going to increase teacher pay, We’re going to fight to raise the minimum wage and close the gender pay gap. With the help of the people of Louisiana, we are going to build a Louisiana where our children and grandchildren are better off,” said Governor John Bel Edwards.