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The Louisiana Democratic Party was founded in 1828 to fight for Democratic candidates and values all throughout Louisiana. Championing issues such as criminal justice reform, voter protections, fiscal responsibility, affordable healthcare and education advancements, the Louisiana Democratic Party fights for equality for everyone no matter who they are, where they came from or how they choose to identify.

Today, we continue that mission under the tireless leadership of Chair Karen Carter Peterson, Executive Director Stephen Handwerk, Deputy Executive Director Michelle Brister, and all of the incredible members of Team LDP. We’re proud to work for the people of Louisiana to bring progress and change to the beautiful state we all call home.

Do you want to make history?  We are always looking to bring on new talent.  The Louisiana Democratic Party is currently accepting applications for some key positions.  Even if we don’t have a position for you, don’t worry! Send us your resume. We communicate with Democratic campaigns across the state and can help you find a way to help, even if its not in our home office!