August 17, 2019
Contact: Kaleb Harmon

Louisiana Democratic Party Endorses Ike Jackson for Attorney General of Louisiana

Baton Rouge, LA – On Saturday, the Democratic State Central Committee unanimously endorsed Ike Jackson for Attorney General of Louisiana. The election will be held on October 12.

“We’re proud to have Ike Jackson fighting to serve the people of Louisiana,” Senator Karen Carter Peterson, Chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party said. “Ike has a deep understanding of Louisiana’s laws and codes, and an even deeper commitment to the people of our state. Whether it’s his almost 30 years of legal experience, serving as General Counsel of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, or his service in the office he’s currently running for as Assistant Attorney General of Louisiana, Ike’s qualifications speak for themselves. It’s time we have someone who puts Louisiana and her values first, and Ike is just the person to do that.”

“I’m honored to receive the Louisiana Democratic Party’s unanimous endorsement here today,” Ike Jackson, candidate for Attorney General of Louisiana said. “Under Louisiana’s constitution, the attorney general is given the authority  to institute, prosecute, or intervene in any civil action or proceeding on behalf of the state. But time and time again, Jeff Landry has abused that power in favor of partisanship and self-advancement.

“Landry’s attempt to overturn the Democratically-elected charter in Lafayette failed three separate times and fully demonstrates how poor of a grasp he has on Louisiana’s legal code. His lawsuit to block corporations from participating in government bids because he disagreed with their private business decisions shows he’s willing to put his personal agenda over the interests of the state. And of course, his most recent decision to unilaterally involve Louisiana in a lawsuit that will strip healthcare protections from 850,000 Louisianians suffering from pre-existing conditions is a prime example that hyperpartisanship is prioritized over the health and lives of the people he’s sworn to represent. These last 4 years have been an unequivocal failure in the Office of the Attorney General and everyone in Louisiana has felt the effects. I’m running because we need an attorney general who will place the needs of our state first and fulfill his constitutional duty to fight for the people of Louisiana. When I’m attorney general, we will finally restore trust and integrity to the office and make sure the first priority of the position is to the people I’m elected to serve.” 


Ike Jackson has served as a lawyer in Louisiana for over 25 years with experience serving as General Counsel of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources and as Assistant Attorney General of Louisiana.

By unsuccessfully suing the Lafayette City-Parish Council 3 separate times for the Democratically-elected Home Rule Charter, Landry is actively trying to disenfranchise voters across the city and parish. 

Jeff Landry engaged Louisiana in a lawsuit that, if successful, will strip healthcare protections from 850,000 Louisianians suffering from pre-existing conditions.

If Jeff Landry’s lawsuit is successful, Louisiana will lose hundreds of millions of dollars in lost federal subsidies that our taxpayers will have to make up in order to continue protecting individuals who lost protection from the lawsuit.