Cassidy Refuses To Take Position on Flat Tax

//Cassidy Refuses To Take Position on Flat Tax

Louisianians Deserve To Know Where Cassidy Stands on Proposal That Would Raise Taxes on Middle-Class Families

BATON ROUGE — This week Bill Cassidy refused to take a position on the “flat tax” plan, which Gov. Bobby Jindal and special interests in Washington are pushing to raise taxes on the middle class and slash taxes for the wealthiest Americans.

“Bill Cassidy is ducking and dodging, but he owes it to the people of this state to say exactly where he stands on the flat tax,” said Kirstin Alvanitakis, communications director for the Louisiana Democratic Party. “In his rush to pander to the Tea Party, Bill Cassidy apparently never stopped to look into the details of this proposal. Unfortunately, this is becoming a pattern for Cassidy, who recently admitted he did not know that the Ryan budget — which he voted for — would cause Louisiana homeowners’ flood insurance rates to skyrocket.”

On Tuesday Cassidy told his Twitter followers that he had signed Ted Cruz’s online petition, which states:

“We need a tax code that is simple, fair, flat, and that protects our freedoms.”

When asked by a Times-Picayune reporter if Cassidy actually supported a flat tax, a spokesperson said “he hasn’t discussed the flat tax issue with his boss.”

The online petition was paid for by the Senate Conservatives Fund, a PAC that recently emailed its supporters on behalf of Rob Maness, another GOP candidate in Louisiana’s U.S. Senate race that has endorsed the flat tax.



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