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Sen. Mary Landrieu’s Statement on the Passing of Ken Carter

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                   Contact: Allyson Sanders

August 3, 2018                                                                         

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 Sen. Mary Landrieu’s Statement on the Passing of Ken Carter


NEW ORLEANS, LA – Sen. Mary Landrieu issued the following statement Friday on the passing of Ken Carter, a champion for his community, New Orleans’ first African-American tax assessor, and father of Louisiana Democratic Party Chair Karen Carter Peterson.

“Ken Carter was a trailblazer in our city and state. He opened doors of opportunity for thousands of students and political activists with his passion and commitment to justice and fairness. He was widely admired and will be missed by his close and loving family and many friends.”


RELEASE: The Louisiana Democratic Party Announces Record Qualifying Season, Trouncing LA GOP


August 2, 2018

CONTACT: Allyson Sanders

(318) 464-2028

The Louisiana Democratic Party Announces Record Qualifying Season,
Trouncing LA GOP


BATON ROUGE, LA – Thursday, the Louisiana Democratic Party analyzed and reported candidate data, which shows more Democrats are running for office than Republicans in Louisiana.

The numbers show a wave of Democrats qualified for upcoming elections, especially on the local level. Using candidate data from the Secretary of State, the Louisiana Democratic Party determined it was a record qualifying season, with nearly 300 more Democrats running for office than Republicans. For every one Republican candidate, approximately five Democrats qualified. In over 300 elections, the Democratic candidate is unopposed.

“The numbers don’t lie,” Executive Director Stephen Handwerk said. “Democrats are thriving in Louisiana, particularly on the local level. A Democrat heads our great state, Democratic women lead our largest cities, and Democrats are running for office on every level. You can’t count us out in Louisiana; these numbers are the latest proof of that. Last year, the Louisiana Democratic Party made big investments in training and recruiting candidates in all areas of the state.  Wait ‘till you see what we do in 2019!”

In addition to over 1,000 Democratic candidates on the local level, the state party also fielded Democratic challengers to each Republican Congressman and the interim Secretary of State.

“When I stepped into my position as Chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party, my goal was to see Democrats running in each district and corner of Louisiana,” Sen. Karen Carter Peterson said. “Now, Democrats aren’t just running for office – they’re winning. If these numbers are an indication of what’s to come, I’m excited for the future of Democrats in Louisiana.”



RELEASE: Setting the Record Straight on Gov. JBE’s Record for Senator Kennedy


April 11, 2018

CONTACT: D’Seante Parks

(225) 336-4155

Louisiana Democratic Party Sets the Record Straight on Governor John Bel Edwards’ Achievements for Senator Kennedy


This morning, in response to a question about his intention to run for Governor, Senator John Kennedy said to WAFB, “I don’t think Edwards has been a very effective governor, he hasn’t done anything.”

Kennedy is so busy trying to run for higher office that he obviously isn’t paying attention to what is happening here in the state. To help him get up to speed, we have compiled a list of facts and translated them into his own language- since he has decidedly become the Senator of one-liners.

  • Just yesterday, the Governor announced the success the state has benefitted from due to Medicaid expansion. It’s saving lives while growing the economy. More than 470,000 Louisianians have received health coverage under Medicaid expansion and it has created 19,000 jobs and $3.5 billion in economic activity. That’s a win win like the Saints winning the Super Bowl during Mardi Gras.
  • The unemployment rate is lower than it’s been in ten years and it’s steadily dropping like a hot potato out of delicate hands.
  • Folks are bringing home more money than they have been: per capita personal income rose 2.9% in 2017. Even a blind squirrel could see this nut!
  • Governor Edwards has reached across the aisle to work with the Trump administration to secure $1.2 billion in Louisiana flood funding for infrastructure and flood risk reduction. That’s good news like a short line at your favorite snowball stand in the middle of a summer Saturday.
  • Governor Edwards fully funded higher education for the first time in a decade. That’s a smart move if we ever saw one.

Governor Edwards has clearly been extremely effective and we mean no disrespect, but Kennedy hasn’t passed a single bill in the Senate, hasn’t held a single town hall with constituents, and is already looking to quit the job he couldn’t win until his third try. Kennedy’s one-liners might be funny, but misinforming the public is no laughing matter.








THURSDAY, JANUARY 11, 2018                                         


Contact: D’Seante Parks

(225) 336-4155




BATON ROUGE, La. – Today, Louisiana Democratic Party Executive Director Stephen Handwerk will join the Louisiana Association of Educators and Vermilion Parish educators to protest the disgraceful arrest of Vermilion Parish teacher Deyshia Hargrave for speaking up about the mistreatment of educators.

The arrest occurred at a school board meeting after Hargrave questioned a vote to give the superintendent a sizable pay raise when other district employees hadn’t received one in close to a decade while class sizes increase exponentially.

Ahead of his participation in the protest, Handwerk issued the following statement.

This is unacceptable. Citizens have the right to ask questions of their elected leaders and the arrest of this award-winning educator because she was brave enough to ask a question is wrong. Furthermore, we must remember that this is illustrative of a larger problem in this Parish and in our state. This isn’t the first time teachers have been singled out and vilified in the region. Representative Nancy Landry (R) represents a significant portion of Vermilion Parish and has lead efforts to disrespect, punish and belittle our educators and support staff for years. The Louisiana Democratic Party is working to recruit and replace elected leaders who do not serve hardworking Louisianians, especially educators who work every day to prepare our children to be the future of our state. Teachers deserve our praise and respect. We have to be there now and on Election Day for our teachers.

The rally will be held Thursday, January 11th at 3:45 p.m. at Magdalen Square in Abbeville, LA.









In response to Senator John Kennedy’s recent remarks concerning the urgent need to renew the CHIP program, Stephen Handwerk, executive director of the Louisiana Democratic Party released this statement:

“It’s encouraging that Senator Kennedy has finally joined Governor John Bel Edwards in urging members of Congress to renew the Children’s Health Insurance Program. What’s even better news is the awesome power he holds as a United States Senator!  If he is as serious about this as he claims, he can stand with the Democrats in blocking any legislative action until CHIP is back at full strength. Absent any action, though, Senator Kennedy’s words aren’t worth much more than a pint of weedkiller. As he mentioned, 122,000 Louisiana children depend on it.

“Is Senator Kennedy brave enough to stand up to Republicans in Washington and demand that they work toward compromise with Democrats for the good of our state and country, or is this another instance of Senator John Kennedy seeking media attention before quietly caving in to Mitch McConnell?”


RELEASE: LDP Mourns Loss of Judge Brady

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2017                                          
Contact: D’Seante Parks



 BATON ROUGE, La. – Saturday, the Louisiana Democratic Party sent condolences to the loved ones of Federal Judge James J. Brady, who once chaired the organization.

“It is with extremely heavy hearts that we offer our condolences to the loved ones of Judge James J Brady,” said Louisiana Democratic Party Chair Senator Karen Carter Peterson. “He spent his life serving Louisianians and he will be greatly missed. Today we reflect on the example he set for all of us in devoting his career to justice and equality.”

Prior to being appointed to the United States District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana by President Clinton, Judge Brady served as the chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party.






Contact: D’Seante Parks

(225) 336-4155




BATON ROUGE, La. – Today, the Louisiana Democratic Party congratulated New Orleans Mayor-Elect LaToya Cantrell. Cantrell will be the first Black woman to serve as mayor of the Big Easy.

My friend LaToya Cantrell has been a leader in the city for many years and I’m so proud of the campaign she ran in this historical election,” said Senator Karen Carter Peterson, Chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “The campaign proved when people unite, talk with each other and wear out a few pair of shoes – knocking on doors – that work will pay off.”

Executive Director Stephen Handwerk said, “the campaign utilized technologies available through the state party and combined that with good old-fashioned door knocking and it was a winning combination!  We must thank all of the campaign staff and volunteers from BOTH campaigns who left everything out in the neighborhoods this week.  Both the Charbonnet and Cantrell teams worked countless hours, knocked on thousands of doors, rang phones and pushed voters out to the polls the leaders on the campaign and the volunteers who powered the effort. Everyone did a great job and we are excited for the implications this has for Democrats across the state.”

Lynda Woolard, president of the Independent Women’s Organization said, “As President of the largest and oldest Democratic women’s group in the state, I am so excited that we just elected the first woman to lead our city! History is being made tonight, and we could not be prouder that IWO’s endorsed candidate, Mayor-Elect LaToya Cantrell, broke through such a high glass ceiling by running a positive campaign focused on the issues, with a clear path forward for the people of New Orleans.”




RELEASE: LDP Exec. Committee Recommends Derrick Edwards Endorsement


MONDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2017                                            

Contact: D’Seante Parks

(225) 336-4155




BATON ROUGE, La. – Today, the Louisiana Democratic Party announced that the Executive Committee voted to recommend the endorsement of Derrick Edwards. The entire Democratic State Central Committee will vote on the matter October 28th at a scheduled in-person meeting where Edwards is invited to address the group. The vote was unanimous.

“We congratulate Mr. Edwards on gaining more votes than any other candidate in the primary,” said Louisiana Democratic Party Chair Senator Karen Carter Peterson. “He has a masters in accounting and a law degree and we believe he is the right choice for the position.  Democrats from across the state have signed on to help Mr. Edwards – and it will take all of us to unite together to win.

“The second place contender has been running terribly misleading ads in which he promises to cut wasteful politician spending – that is not under the jurisdiction of the treasurer’s office. Either he is intending to lie to the voters or he has no idea what office he is running for. If he really wanted to cut wasteful spending, he would have done it while in the legislature — instead he chose to partner up with Bobby Jindal.”




RELEASE: How Cassidy Bill Will Impact Louisiana


Contact: D’Seante Parks

(225) 336-4155

How the Cassidy-Graham-Heller-Johnson Repeal 

Bill Will Impact Louisiana


BATON ROUGE, La. – Like each of the previous Republican attempts, the Cassidy-Graham-Heller-Johnson bill would sabotage our health care system, gut Medicaid, increase costs, and strip health care away from millions of Americans. Once again, Republicans in Congress are ignoring the millions of Americans who pressured them into dropping their last health care repeal effort. While Republicans are pushing a bill to take health care away from working families, Democrats are working together to expand coverage for all Americans.

“Democrats believe that all Louisianians should have access to affordable healthcare. And as Republicans try to take health care away from working families, many of our communities will suffer under the Cassidy-Graham-Heller-Johnson bill,” said Executive Director of the Louisiana Democratic Party Stephen Handwerk. “This harmful bill will end Medicaid as we know it, cancel tax credits that help families afford health insurance, and eliminate subsidies that reduce out-of-pocket costs for working families. Senator Cassidy and Senator Kennedy need to listen to the Louisianians they represent and join Democrats in their efforts to improve our health care system.”

Here is a look at a few of the ways Louisianians will suffer under the Cassidy-Graham-Heller bill:

  • Cancels tax credits that help over 110,000 Louisiana families – 90 percent of Louisiana marketplace enrollees – afford health insurance.
  • Eliminates subsidies that reduce out-of-pocket costs for 70,000 Louisiana residents, which is 58 percent of the total marketplace enrollees in the state.
  • Slashes billions in federal funding to states for expanding health insurance coverage and lowering costs.


True Blue Gala – October 6th – NOLA

NEW DATE:  OCTOBER 6th, 2017 at 7:30pm

Today, the Louisiana Democratic Party announced that popular national figure Jason Kander will be the headliner at this year’s big annual dinner, now called the True Blue Gala. Kander, president of Let America Vote, is an Afghanistan veteran, and was the first millennial elected to statewide office in the U.S. His rise as a leader in the party catalyzed when he came within three points of winning a highly competitive federal senate race in a deep red state last cycle- in part fueled by a daring gun background check ad that went viral.

“We’re thrilled to have Jason at our dinner this year because we believe he speaks to the next generation of leadership in our country. Jason is exactly the sort of leader we need to progress the party in the South. He’s a young veteran who continues to put his country before himself,” said Louisiana Democratic Party Chair Karen Carter Peterson. “I’ve been inspired more than a few times hearing Jason speak at events. I also have the privilege of serving on The Democratic National Committee Commission to Protect American Democracy with him, where we fight against Republican efforts to make it harder to vote for eligible Americans across the country.”

The dinner will be held at the Hilton Riverside in New Orleans on Friday, October 6th at 7:30 p.m.  Tickets are available here.   Hotel reservations can be made here.

Previous year’s speakers include Senator Cory Booker, Representative Joaquin Castro, former Governors Martin O’Malley, Ed Rendell Jennifer Granholm and Charlie Crist, and great friend to Louisiana, Senator Amy Klobuchar.


Read more about Jason here.

Tickets are available at:

RELEASE: True Blue Gala Postponed Due to Harvey


Friday, August 25, 2017

Contact: D’Seante Parks


Louisiana Democratic Party Postpones Dinner


Baton Rouge, LA – Today, the Louisiana Democratic Party announced that the True Blue Gala will be postponed due to Hurricane Harvey, expected to make landfall on Friday. The party is encouraging people who can safely travel, to help neighbors in affected areas.

“Right now we are all focused on the safety of Louisianians and our neighbors,” said Chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party Senator Karen Carter Peterson. “The True Blue Gala is intended as a night of fellowship, celebration and planning for the future. The storm’s impact on peoples lives combined with the state of emergency our Governor has issued because of the potential impact on Louisiana over the next five days clearly decided this for us.  We are working closely with the Hilton Riverside New Orleans to select a new date and are grateful to them for working with us. We will announce a new date after the storm has cleared. In the meantime we ask that everyone prepare for this storm and if possible do what you can to help those who may be in need.”







RELEASE: Mayor Landrieu To Receive Lifetime Achievement Award



Contact: D’Seante Parks



Mayor Landrieu Will Receive The Award At the True Blue Gala

Baton Rouge, LA – Today, the Louisiana Democratic Party announced that Mayor Mitch Landrieu will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the True Blue Gala on Saturday, August 26th.  Each year the party honors leaders who have given freely of themselves to make this world better for others.

“Mayor Landrieu has consistently been a strong leader in our community,” said Chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party Senator Karen Carter Peterson. “During his tenure as mayor, the city has made great improvements due to the high ethical standards he implemented in city contracting, and his prioritization of public safety and fiscal responsibility. Though we know this is just the beginning of his work in public service, we couldn’t think of a better person to honor this year.”

Landrieu is entering the final year of his second and final term as Mayor of New Orleans. In May 2010, when Mitch Landrieu was sworn in as the 61st Mayor of New Orleans , the recovery from Hurricane Katrina had stalled, the city teetered on bankruptcy and the New Orleans Police Department was under federal investigation.  Under Landrieu, New Orleans has become one of America’s greatest comeback stories.  He kick-started the recovery by fast-tracking over 100 projects and securing billions in federal funding for schools, hospitals, parks and critical infrastructure. Landrieu brought sound fiscal management, balanced budgets, and ethical contracting to City Hall, leading to the City’s highest-ever credit rating and over $8 billion in development.  His top priority has been public safety– reforming the police department and implementing a comprehensive murder reduction strategy. Landrieu served as Louisiana’s Lieutenant Governor for two terms. Prior to that he served 16 years in the Louisiana Legislature. In 2015, Landrieu was named Public Official of the Year by Governing.  Inducted in June 2017, he currently serves as the President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Previous recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award include Senator John Breaux, Senator Mary Landrieu, Governor Kathleen Blanco, Felicia Kahn, and Elsie Burkhalter.

The True Blue Gala will be held on Saturday, August 26th at 7 p.m. at the Hilton Riverside New Orleans. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit



RELEASE: Krista’s story, the high cost of the GOP Healthcare Bill

TUESDAY, JULY 11, 2017                                                    


Contact: D’Seante Parks
(225) 336-4155


 DNC & Louisiana Democratic Party Highlight Krista’s Story and Impact of Republican Repeal Bill


BATON ROUGE, La. – Today, the Louisiana Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee and the are releasing a new video called “Krista’s Fight for Medicaid,” which highlights the story of Krista – a single mother from Louisiana, who would experience firsthand the damaging effects of the Republican health care repeal bill. The Senate Republican repeal bill would strip access to quality and affordable coverage away from 22 million Americans and gut Medicaid, which families across the country depend on every day. Under Governor John Bel Edwards, Louisiana benefited from the expansion of Medicaid but the Republican bill would jeopardize coverage for more than 433,000 people , affecting families like Krista’s and putting children’s health at risk.

“The Republican repeal bill is unconscionably cruel and hurts families like Krista’s who are working tirelessly to provide for their families. Our elected leaders should be doing everything possible to ensure that more people have access to affordable coverage – not less,” said LDP Executive Director Stephen Handwerk. “Democrats will continue to stand by Krista and others who believe that all people deserve access to affordable healthcare, and we will continue to fight each day until that becomes a reality for every Louisianan.”

Watch Krista’s story here.







RELEASE: LDP Congratulates Mayor Landrieu on New Role


MONDAY, JUNE 26, 2017                                                            


Contact: D’Seante Parks




Senator Karen Carter Peterson Commends Landrieu For Being Named The President of The U.S. Conference of Mayors


Baton Rouge, LA – Today, the Louisiana Democratic Party offered a congratulatory message to Mayor Mitch Landrieu on his new position as president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Senator Karen Carter Peterson, Chair of LDP said, “I’m extremely proud of my mayor and friend, Mitch, who has been a fearless leader for our city. I look forward to his future work in this capacity. The U.S. Conference of Mayors is fortunate to have a hardworking, pioneering president.”

Notable quotes from Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s speech to the U.S. Conference of Mayors today:

  • “In this political climate, we as mayors must fight to occupy the radical center, where idealism meets reality and where we put people over politics.”


  • “America’s greatness is alive and well in cities and towns across this country from urban to rural to suburban and from coast to coast. . . It is in our cities where energy meets opportunity. Where grit and determination produce new jobs. . . It is in our city where hope hits the street.”


  • “This country is clearly hungry for results, and that is what a mayor delivers everyday. We govern in real time. We govern in reality. We never step back when duty calls. We don’t just talk about it. We don’t just debate it. We don’t have time for that.”





RELEASE: LDP Calls on Louisiana Senators to End Secret Process to Repeal ACA

TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2017

Contact: D’Seante Parks

The Louisiana Democratic Party is Calling on Senator Cassidy and Senator Kennedy to End the Closed Door Process to Repeal the ACA

Director of the Party Stephen Handwerk Urged the Lawmakers to Stop the Secrecy

“Senate Republicans are creating a bill with no public input, no hearings, and are bypassing the normal committee process on an issue that affects tens of millions of Americans’ lives. Not only is the text secret, but there will be no committee markups, no opportunity for Democratic amendments or even questions, and no bipartisan negotiations. Republicans are now also restricting media access to Senate members to ensure continued secrecy. This process is a scandal against our democracy. It’s a stark contrast to the open legislative process Democrats used to develop and pass the Affordable Care Act in 2009-2010.

“We must be vigilant in holding our representatives accountable. No bill should be drafted and passed in the dark. We are calling on republicans to bring the process to the light. We call on Louisiana U.S. Senators Cassidy and Kennedy to reject this un-democratic process and stand up for their constituents.”


2017 Power UP Trainings


Everyone’s been asking what LDP is doing next for our SUMMER OF RESISTANCE and we’re excited to give you an advance look at our big events! We’re holding day-long training sessions across the state to recruit and train activists, staff, and new candidates who represent our progressive values! 
Power Up Trainings!
These events are designed to teach democrats the secrets of the trade so that they can be more effective than ever. The day will include talks from some of the best in the state on digital strategy, messaging and civic engagement, among other topics!
Join us in a city near you. Space is extremely limited and will fill up fast once we start advertising more widely so sign up today!  
Attendees to these trainings will learn the latest tools, how to run meetings, how to grow our base, how to hold protests and so much more!  Get your tickets NOW and you will help us plan the agenda for each city’s customised trainings!
Looking forward to seeing you there!
Questions about these trainings reach out to our Public Affairs Director, D’Seante Parks at  

Congressman Richmond Elected As Congressional Black Caucus Chair

Louisiana Democrats congratulate and support Richmond

BATON ROUGE, LA – The Louisiana Democratic Party congratulates Congressman Cedric Richmond as yesterday, members of the Congressional Black Caucus voted to elect him as their new chair.

The Congressional Black Caucus is a pivotal and prominent force in the US House of Representatives, advocating for African-Americans and influencing the Democratic Party agenda. With almost 50 members, Richmond will preside over the largest Congressional Black Caucus in history. Richmond has said he wants to “advance criminal justice reform, improve economic opportunities for the disadvantaged, and protect voting rights” as caucus chair.

“This is a huge win for Louisiana,” Senator Karen Carter Peterson, Chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party, said. “In this new position, Congressman Richmond will now have an expanded role in shaping important plans and policies. Louisiana just got a bigger seat at the table at this most critical time in our country’s history, and if I know Congressman Richmond, he’ll be sure to stand up for our issues and make our voices heard. I couldn’t be prouder of him — my only regret about his election is that this will mean less time for us to go fishing.”

“We’re very excited for Congressman Richmond,” Stephen Handwerk, Executive Director of the Louisiana Democratic Party, said. “He’s one of the hardest working men I know. There’s no higher honor than to be elected by your peers. We here at the Louisiana Democratic Party are looking forward to working with him and seeing him thrive in this new role.”

Richmond has represented Louisiana’s 2nd congressional district since first elected in 2010.




Additional information:

Drew Prestridge. – 225-336-4155 or

November 29, 2016


White Reiterates Divisive Record; Broome Shines As Best Candidate to Unite East Baton Rouge


BATON ROUGE, LA — Wrapping up only minutes ago, it is clear that Sharon Weston Broome handily won the WBRZ mayoral debate.  As citizens of East Baton Rouge Parish come together to choose their next leader on December 10, questions of traffic congestion, educational opportunities, and the divisive “St. George” proposal were discussed thoroughly.  Voters saw a leader in Sharon Weston Broome, who was clearly prepared to confront the issues facing the Capitol Area head on, honestly and truthfully.

Stephen Handwerk, Executive Director released the following statement:

 “Senator Broome showed the Greater Capitol Region tonight exactly what we need from our next Mayor-President — a leader who is present, addresses problems factually and logically, and who brings people together. No matter how hard that task may seem, Senator Broome is clearly the only candidate who can find common ground and make progress for East Baton Rouge Parish.

“As we have seen in the past year, when a community is shaken to its core with shootings, floods, budget struggles, hospital closures, and more – there is something worse than an absent leader.  That is a leader who seeks first to divide.  While some can poke fun at this seriously out-of-touch politician, we know that this community faces big challenges in front of us.  We need a leader who is just as serious.  We need Sharon Weston Broome.”


Louisiana Democratic Party’s Executive Committee unites to Endorse Campbell & Jones

Baton Rouge – The Louisiana Democratic Party’s Executive Committee met to discuss the two federal races that are proceeding to a run off and enthusiastically and unanimously voted to endorse Commissioner Foster Campbell for US Senate and Marshall Jones for the 4th Congressional District.  They have asked that the full Democratic State Central Committee to follow and are mailing ballots today.

Chair Karen Carter Peterson released the following statement on the US Senate Endorsement:

“Commissioner Foster Campbell is a lifelong champion of the working people of this state.  He is a tireless advocate for Education, teachers and especially for women.  Commission Campbell will serve this state with distinction and has always and will always put Louisiana First.

“Louisiana simply cannot afford someone like John Kennedy. He was Bobby Jindal’s biggest fan, serving as his right-hand man in the Treasurer’s office while Jindal decimated our state budget, cut higher education and closed our hospitals. And if helping Jindal bankrupt Louisiana wasn’t enough, John Kennedy even said that he and morally bankrupt David Vitter were ‘kindred spirits’. Kennedy’s own office has misspent hundreds of thousands of tax-payer dollars. John Kennedy is nothing more than a political weathervane that will keep pushing policies that rig the system for the wealthy and powerful. We deserve someone who will fight for us, not themselves. We must elect Foster Campbell.”

Chair Karen Carter Peterson released the following statement on the 4th CD Endorsement:

“Marshall Jones has shown he is an independent and fair minded business man who has offered himself up for service.  Marshall’s values have been shaped by his faith and closely align with the great people of the 4th Congressional District.  We are confident as voters get to know Marshall they will see a man committed to representing the entire congressional district and making sure their voices are represented in Congress.

“On the other hand, Representative Mike Johnson has made a career of putting hate and bias at the top of his list, earning a living from the taxpayers by catering to a small few special interests.  Since being elected he has little to show for the representation of his district.  If he can’t deliver for you in Baton Rouge, why in the world would we expect different from him in Washington D.C.?  Voters in the 4th Congressional district pay a lot in taxes and they deserve to have someone fighting to bring those taxes back home rather than go into a pay check for Mike Johnson.

“Voters will have a choice December 10th, and we are confident that Marshall Jones will earn their votes.”


Background:  The Louisiana Democratic Party Executive Committee are elected officers of the party and represent the full DSCC.  Given the short time-frame in this election cycle it was their decision to proceed in this manner.  DSCC Member ballots will arrive beginning today and will have until next Friday, November 18, 2016 to return them.  This method has been used several times in the past – especially when our run off straddles Thanksgiving.




LAFAYETTE, LA –The Louisiana Democratic Party reacted to the CD03 debate and mailers that are hitting Democratic and African American household by Scott Angelle. Stephen Handwerk, Executive Director of the Louisiana Democratic Party released this statement:

“During the LA03 Debate moderated by Jim Hummel of KATC and sponsored by UL, AOC Community Media and KATC , “Angelle frequently laments that we have too many ‘free riders’, ‘too many people riding in the cart and not pulling the cart.’ Seems extremely craven and holistically inconsistent position. After all he full throatily said in the same debate that he supports a HUGE free rider, the biggest most flamboyant free rider we have ever seen! Donald Trump, who brags that he is “too smart” to pay taxes. This Free Rider is riding in the cart made of gold and pulled by the taxpaying citizens of CD03 who deserve much better than Scott Angelle.

“Then this mailer hits. “Clearly a game is being played here by Angelle. First and foremost, the wording of the bullets favor Rader – after all more than 2/3 of voters in this state favor increasing the minimum wage. Secondly by sending this to Democratic and African American Households he is either playing a game or he is completely inept, and after the race he ran last year I’d say our chances there are 50/50. Larry Rader got into this race knowing full well he would have an uphill battle, but he knew were it not for him this could end up being a coronation and not an election. Where working people of the district will be ignored for tired right wing talking points.

“A good question for Angelle – Are you planning to file an ‘in-kind’ donation report to Larry Rader’s campaign for this mailer and the ads you are running digitally?”