BATON ROUGE, LA – A year ago today, our nation’s Capitol witnessed a violent insurrection led by the GOP. Resulting in several deaths, injuries to police officers, and unthinkable damage to the state of our Democracy, this was one of the darkest days our country has seen in recent history.

Louisiana’s Republican Delegation not only aided in this effort, but a year later continue to cover up and defend the abhorrent events that happened on 1/6/21.

Louisiana Democratic Party Chair Katie Bernhardt issued the following statement regarding the one year anniversary of the insurrection occurring in the U.S. Capitol;

“One year ago, we witnessed a seditious riot at the U.S. capitol building intent on disrupting the peaceful transition of power that has characterized our democracy since its founding. Sadly, Louisiana Senator John Kennedy and Representatives Steve Scalise, Clay Higgins and Mike Johnson enabled this un-American act and have failed to take responsibility since. While we survived this infamous chapter in our history, the GOP continues to corrode our Democratic values and further attempt to sow violence and distrust in our communities. For our nation to truly heal from these atrocious acts, everyone involved in this destructive violence on 1/6/21 must be held accountable, and the Louisiana Democratic Party intends to do just that in the 2022 midterms.”