President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

The Louisiana Democratic Party is thrilled to join in the celebration of President Barack Obama’s election to a second term tonight!

The sweeping victory, called earlier than most pundits expected, confirmed the judgment of the American people that President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and their administration have put the country on the road forward. Voters recognized the persistent effort the President has made to, first, pull the country out of the worst economic crisis in nearly a century, and then to do the slow and difficult task of putting our economy back on sound footing that will grow the middle class and open new avenues of opportunity for all Americans.

“The President’s re-election is a victory for all of us who believe that we are all in this together, that we are our best when we advance together, and that we have broader commitments to keep than our own narrow interests,” LDP Chairwoman Karen Carter Peterson said.

“In the wake of this victory, we call on Republicans in the Congress — including those in the Louisiana delegation — to end their obstructionist ways and give President Obama the resources needed for nation-building here at home in this second term. We need to fully implement Obamacare, invest in our nation’s infrastructure, and continuing the work of building an economy that will last,” Peterson said.

“We also call on Governor Jindal to end his opposition to full participation in Obamacare. Louisiana individuals, families and businesses need access to the health insurance exchange and the Medicaid expansion components of that law,” Peterson added. “Our people need access to that care.”

“The Louisiana health care provider community — from private practices to community hospitals to our public hospital system — need access to the resources that this law provides and that other states will receive the benefit of, regardless of whatever political gains Governor Jindal believes his obstruction gains him,” Peterson said.

“The people of this country have spoken and Louisiana needs to join with the rest of the country as President Obama leads us forward over the next four years,” Peterson concluded.

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Originally published: Nov 6, 2012