GOP Disaster: House Republicans Vote NO on Storm Relief!

Louisiana’s Republican House Delegation voted NO on hurricane disaster relief for Louisiana! Help us hold them accountable. Chip in $10 or $20 today to elect Democrats who will stand up for Louisiana families and do the right thing!

Representatives Steve Scalise, Mike Johnson, Julia Letlow, Clay Higgins, and Garret Graves voted against a package that includes $28.6 BILLION in disaster relief for Louisiana.

Let that sink in: Louisiana’s GOP Congressmen voted NO on $28.6 Billion to help Louisiana families from New Orleans to Lake Charles recover!

These emergency funds are to help Louisiana rebuild after a series of devastating hurricanes pummeled our coast, including Ida and Laura—two of the most powerful storms in history. Folks in Lake Charles have been waiting for more than a year for help!

Tens of thousands of Louisianan’s lives were destroyed by Hurricanes Laura and Ida. Their homes and businesses were demolished, and Louisiana’s Republican Congressional delegation chose to play politics with our lives and livelihoods, instead of standing up for the families they represent.

Scalise, Johnson, Higgins, and Graves happily voted for corporate tax cuts in 2017 that added trillions of dollars to the national debt. But now that Louisiana families need help rebuilding, they want to tighten the purse strings. The GOP serves their corporate donors, not the people of Louisiana!

Democratic Congressman Troy Carter was the only member of Louisiana’s delegation who did the right thing and voted to pass disaster relief for the people of our state.

Louisiana’s House Republicans do what McCarthy, McConnell, and their donors tell them to do— not what their constituents need!