Jeff Landry’s Flailing AG Campaign Dragged Down by Failing Record

//Jeff Landry’s Flailing AG Campaign Dragged Down by Failing Record

BATON ROUGE – With his insurgent campaign for the Attorney General’s office beginning to fall apart and his poll numbers fading, Jeff Landry finds his seemingly endless quest for higher office haunted by attacks and accusations from his many, many previous campaigns. A career politician and a perpetual candidate, Landry remains unable to translate the endorsement of the Louisiana state Republican Party into a path to victory in the general election. If current trends hold, the failed perennial also-ran won’t even make the run-offs.

While the current Attorney General has dismissed Landry’s qualifications and recently called the state party’s endorsement “unnerving,” other fellow Republicans have been questioning Landry’s tactics and legitimacy for years. Before crushing Landry in a battle for a Congressional seat in 2012, Rep. Charles Boustany said: “I won’t bring in paid guns to lie to the people here. That’s Landry’s game.”

In the same race, Boustany went on to accuse Landry of spreading “malicious lies and distortions in order to distract voters from his lack of accomplishments and from serious questions about his moral integrity.”

“The right-wing Republicans that know Jeff Landry best are on the record questioning his honesty, his integrity, and his fitness to serve,” said Stephen Handwerk, executive director of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “By contrast, voters all across the state and all across the political spectrum are embracing Geri Broussard Baloney’s campaign. She’s got the experience and the proven integrity to get the AG’s office back to basics, and to put people ahead of partisan politics.”


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