Republicans failed to override Governor John Bel Edwards’ vetoes of SB 118 and SB 156, the expressed purpose of their highly publicized override session.  Republicans in the State House and Senate, ignored the concerns of law enforcement, business leaders, and the vast majority of Louisianans, putting politics before public safety, economic recovery, and Louisiana values. 

Louisiana Democrats stood strong and unified behind Governor John Bel Edwards, voting to sustain his vetoes of SB 118 and SB 156. Today’s vote is further evidence that Democrats put Louisiana values and families before politics, a stark contrast with their Republican counterparts. 

Chairwoman Katie Bernhardt issued the following statement after the failed override votes by Republicans:

“Louisiana Democrats represent working families across this state. We’re grateful to have a principled, effective Governor and a unified, talented group of legislators that are willing to fight to protect our values and move our state forward. On the other hand, Louisiana Republicans have spent more time peddling wedge issues meant to divide our state than trying to overcome distrust in life-saving vaccines and bring this pandemic to a conclusion.  

“I’m confident that Louisiana voters see the sharp contrast. Voters recognize that Democrats share their values and fight for their priorities, and that will be reflected on election day. Democrats will gain seats and restore the Capitol to a place where the people’s business is conducted, not political theater.”  

SB 118 was aggressively opposed by law enforcement and 80% of Louisianans. The bill would have allowed anyone 21 years of age and older to conceal carry a firearm in public with no permit or training, which would have posed a serious threat to law enforcement and the public. 

SB 156 was a discriminatory legislation that targeted vulnerable trans youth. The legislation sought to address an issue the bill’s author admitted did not exist in Louisiana and at considerable cost to our state. Business leaders warned that passage of SB 156 could cost Louisiana hundreds of millions of dollars—if not billions—in business, tourism, and sporting events.