BATON ROUGE — The Louisiana Democratic Party today released the following statement from Chair Karen Carter Peterson, marking the 78th anniversary of the day President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law, on August 14, 1935:

“Seventy-eight years ago, we made a pledge to America’s seniors that after a lifetime of hard work they would be able to retire with the dignity and security they had earned. Today, President Obama and the Democratic Party remain dedicated to protecting and strengthening Social Security for millions of present and future generations of America’s seniors.

“Unfortunately, Republicans are not staying true to this sacred trust between seniors and our country. Congressional Republicans’ budget-busting tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires could mean significant cuts to Social Security and would jeopardize benefits for future generations. After all, this is a party who in recent years proposed privatizing Social Security and turning Medicare into a voucher program.

“Here in Louisiana, Republicans like Bill Cassidy and John Fleming have a choice: They can stand with the people in their Party who are recklessly placing Social Security in jeopardy or they can stand with Louisiana’s seniors.

“On the 78th birthday of Social Security, we know the very last thing we ought to be doing is playing politics with the retirement security of millions of America’s seniors. President Obama has stood up for America’s seniors since day one, and we know he will continue fighting to strengthen and protect their hard-earned benefits.”